Uchinaoshi is a re-fabrication process of the aged cotton, which involves several mechanical processes. By passing through the several processes, the aged cotton is loosened, impurities are removed from the cotton, and an appropriate amount of new cotton is blended into the cotton to create an elastic cotton batting. Finally, the elastic cotton batting is turned into a zabuton with a new cloth.


Uchinaoshi may be a desirable option for those who use a futon or zabuton stuffed with the high-grade cotton batting, because it would be less expensive than buying a new one. Also, uchinaoshi is the eco-friendly option, because you don’t have to discard the aged futon or zabuton as an over-sized trash.


If your zabuton fits into the following cases, it would be the right time to choose uchinaoshi.

  • It has almost no cushioning effect.
  • It easily become flattened.
  • It becomes less elastic even if you dry it in the sun.