Jimbei – Shijira Weave 2790


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Fabric : Cotton 100% 
Shijira Weave

Shijira-ori (weave) is a cotton fabric produced in Tokushima Prefecture.

Since Awa is the old name for Tokushima Prefecture, it is also called ‘Awa Shjira-ori.’
This cotton fabric has the crepe texture, which is created by weaving a slack yarns in the warp alternating yarns of normal tension. Sometimes, it is called ‘Chijimi-ori’ because of its crepe appearance.
Since it creates a feeling of coolness and comfort, it has been often used for summer wear.



model  height : 178cm / 5.8 ft
L size Dark Navy









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Since its establishment in 1961, Mitsunobu Orimono  (textiles) has produced a variety of products using yarn-dyed fabrics while passing down the techniques of Kurume-ori, a typical textile of the Chikugo region.

The most distinctive feature of Mitsunobu Orimono is its integrated production from yarn to finished product. Because there are many processes involved in weaving, in most cases some of the processes are outsourced, but Mitsunobu Orimono uses its own facilities and craftsmen for most of the processes. Our priority has always been to produce high quality products as fabrics rather than speed and quantity.

One of Mitsunobu Orimono's main products is hanten. Also known as a "wearable futon," hanten is made by taking advantage of Kurume textile's unique characteristics of "good air permeability" and "heat insulation effect.

There are many attractive features of a hanten, but the most important is that it is lightweight and easy to move around in. Since you only need to tie a string around the body, it is easy to put on and take off.
Even if you fall asleep on the sofa, wearing a hanten is the same as wearing a futon, so it will keep you warm. There are many kinds of clothing to keep you warm, but a henten is by far the warmest.

In Japan, there is a growing generation of people who do not know what a hanten is. Fast-fashion down vests would be cheap and easy to buy for everyone. Still, the hanten is a special, magical thing that warms even the heart.





重量 3 磅
Japanese Clothing Size

M, L, XL


Dark Navy, Black