Imabari Towel Blanket (Towelket) – idee Zora Organic Cotton Waffle




Cotton 100 %

Made in Imabari, Japan


Made with premium grade organic Supima cotton, known as one of the worlds finest cottons due to its softness, absorbency, and durability.

This fabric is one of Imabari products which are known to be of the finest quality and craftsmanship. This fabric is also used for towels, woven like waffles and not just flat. There always is the parts where do not touch your skin. 

It also offers supreme heat emission, which makes it perfect for a summer blanket in the hot night.



What is “Imabari” brand?

Imabari is one of Japan’s leading signature brands for towels. Imabari city is located in Ehime, Shikoku where is facing Seto Inland Sea. There are hundreds of local towel-related factories and the area makes over half the country’s towels. The visitors must be stunned by the beautiful turquoise sea, but actually it is the soft and pure water from the mountain side that is the key to producing their trademark smooth feel and vibrant colors.

Imabari brand towel have totally changed our perspective for towels in this decade. There was the time when the cheaper towels were just more popular in Japan. But thanks to Imabari’s marketing team’s effort, we finally learnt their true values.

Imabari towels need to pass many test to get the certification. One of the test is the absorbency test. To pass the test, they need to start sinking into the water within 5 seconds. Their threads are also very special and fluffy. They don’t need softners, they are soft as they are. They don’t get stiff after many times of washing. They are plush yet not too bulky, easy to wash, quick to dry. It’s pleasure to use every day. The state-of-art-technology and craftsmanship make these possible.

Towel as gift was considered to be a little bit conventional, but nowadays when we find Imabari’s mark stitched on it, we are simply pleased so much. Now it’s grow into a very popular brand that many luxury hotels want to have for their guests to express the hospitality.



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重量 2.21 磅
尺寸 78.74 × 59.06 英吋