Traditional Japanese Warosoku Candle set




Traditional Japanese Warousoku Candle set 

Great for yourself or as a small gift.
It is recommended for first-timers. Traditional Japanese Wa rousoku candles set of 2 small candles petite gift.
The candles of Matsui Hon wa Candles studio made entirely by hand, and they are using the highest quality Japanese sumac wax.
And they do not sell molded  or general Japanese candles. 


                                                                  <Size : 2 >
                                                                             H108 mm  x Φ14 mm (H4.25 x Φ0.55 inch)
                                                                             Burning time : 60min.
                                                                             Color : Natural White


100% Natural 
100% plant-based Japanese candles are not only beautiful but very eco-friendly.
The Japanese Honwa candles made by the optimum material Haze (sumac) wax minimized dripping and produces little soot. 


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*Please be sure to check the following before ordering.
This set does not include candlestick holder,  Wa rousoku candle only.

We suggest using candlestick holder for applicable size of this candle.  
The following are our highly recommend.

Sakura (No.31)       or                          Sakura with Leg             

Square (No.32)        or                       Square with Leg                        


Matsui Honwa Candle studio is located in Okazaki, Aichi, who produces genuine handmade  Japanese candles
using traditional manufacturing method developed in the Edo era(17th-19th century).

They are one of the few candle studios in Japan that have been made by craftsmen who layer the candles with their bare hands. 

The production of genuine Japanese candles is both delicate and painstaking .
At Matsui Candle Atelier, all 15 steps of the production process are performed by hand. 
Repeated layering of wax creates the beautiful growth-ring patterns that are proof of handcrafted candles. 


And one of their candle called decorated candle was selected as a Gift for World Leaders at the Ise-Shima Summit in 2016.



~ Healing and Relaxing ~
Japanese candles can be used in various scenes in daily life.
It burns long with an unusually warm light that is not as affected by breeze as western candles are.
The light from Japanese candles has a warm and gentle flame. It also has a “healing” and relaxing effect on the mind.

Japanese  Haze (sumac) Candle use as for
-.  Light for prayer
 -.  Yoga and meditation
-.  Relaxing before going to sleep
 -.  Light on the table during meals 
-.  Special concerts and entertainment
       -.  Special gift for Anniversary or Christmas










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