Dehumidifying Sheet for Futon Mattress Nishikawa Dry-Well


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Single Size  –   70.8″ x  35.4″ (180 x 90 cm)  Gray
Semi Double Size  –   70.8″ x  43.3″ (180 x 110 cm) Blue or Gray  
Double size  – 70.8″ x  51.1″ (180 x 130 cm)  Gray
The current product is blue, but will be switched to gray. Depending on the timing of your order, you will receive a gray item.

55% polyester,  45% synthetic fiber (Moisfine)

Machine-washable in a laundry net.

Made in Japan
Producer :  Nishikawa

This sheet can be used repeatedly.

Equipped with a “moisture absorption sensor”. When the sensor changes from blue to pink, dry it in the sun. The humidity in the sheet will evaporate and the sheet can be used again.

Economical to use all year round. For example, in Japan, it is used in this way.

  • To prevent dampness during the rainy season
  • To prevent night sweats in summer
  • When futons cannot be hung out to dry due to lack of sunlight in winter
  • To prevent mold on flooring
  • To keep futons dry and prevent the formation of dust mites
  • Absorbs unpleasant odors caused by humidity, ammonia, acetic acid, age-related odors, sweaty odors, and other unpleasant odors.

These sheets are thin and light, making it easy to dry them in the sun. When not in use, it can be folded for compact storage.





Semi double size

Single size


Effective not only under futons but also under bed mattresses.



Top quality product manufactured by Nishikawa, Japan’s number one bedding company.


Moisture-absorption sensor
When the sensor turns pink, dry in the sun.

The design of the product is subject to change.

dehumidifying sheet for futon mattress double size

Ability to absorb more than 3 cups (approx. 650 cc) of moisture


How to Care


  • When drying in the sun, hang the sensor inside so that it is not directly exposed to sunlight.
  • Machine-washable in a laundry net.
  • The sensor may not return to blue when humidity is high, even on a sunny day. However, the dehumidifying will still be effective after drying.



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I’ve always wanted an authentic Japanese futon, so I ordered a new Japanese bed- shikibuton topper with cover, kakebuton, tatami mats, and pillows- and the items have beyond exceeded my expectations! The quality is unbeatable, and customer service was top notch. I couldn’t believe how quickly everything arrived. I would HIGHLY recommend this seller. They put a lot of care into each item that they sell. I’m sure at some point I will be ordering again! Thank you very much!!! A+++!!! ❤️


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