Who will deliver my order?

Japan Post will pick up your order from our factory.


You can check the information of the delivery service in your country here. For most countries, the Postal Service will deliver. However, in some countries, the delivery is not done by Postal Service but by private companies such as Chronopost (France) or DHL (Germany).

For Surface Mail (sea)
It will be delivered from the post office in your country.


Before your order is checked in with customs in your country, please track the status of your package from the Japan Post website. (Some countries, such as USPS of the U.S., work well with Japan Post, so you can see the status of your package from the moment the shipping label is created.)

After being checked in by the customs in your country, you will be able to check the delivery status from the site of the delivery company in your country. Please also direct your inquiries there.