Keeping up old tradition.

We established our workshop 100 years ago.

We open our futon workshop in a downtown in Tokyo 100 years ago during the Taisho period.

Our seasoned artisans keep up a tradition.

Our seasoned artisans keeps up Japanese traditional futon making method. We hand the refined cotton from our factory to futon workshop., then, they start their precious job. We have “CONSISTENTLY INTEGRATED PRODUCTION SYSTEM”, so it is available to create your original size futon even if you want to customize. When you visit our workshop in Tokyo, you can see their working and try to make your original futon with them!

We collect the suitable cotton for futon from all over the world.

We found the most suitable cotton for each several kinds of futon in our long history, and collect them all over the world. We can refine it in our factory by  high skilled technicians that they need to take a measure of the special quality of it. After that, the cotton goes over to the artisans for building futon in our “CONSISTENTLY INTEGRATED PRODUCTION SYSTEM”.