10. The effects of soft rush

 Soft rush, which is what tatami mats are made of, also has many of its own effects and advantages.


☆Effect 1 of soft rush: relaxation effect


 Soft rush has a pleasant fragrance that calms the mind. The fragrance of soft rush contains components such as phytoncide, dihydroactinidiolide, α-Cyperone, vanillin, and so on, and out of all these components, the one that takes up the largest proportion is “phytoncide.” “Phytoncide” is also contained in trees, and is said to have a calming effect. It is also often that one dozes off while lying on tatami mats as they feel so good. Its other components are also calming and it seems that they synergize to provide relaxation.


☆Effect 2 of soft rush: deodorizing effect


 Soft rush absorbs unpleasant smells in the air such as sweat and the smell of smoke from cigarettes and nullifies them. As it is particularly effective in erasing the odor of ammonia, it is recommended for households that keep indoor pets. If there is no space to lay out tatami mats, you can choose soft rush items that do not take up space, such as “soft rush for placing somewhere” and soft rush tapestries. As it can also deodorize foot odors that might bother you, it is also recommended to lay out a “soft rush carpet” and go about barefoot in summer.


☆Effect 3 of soft rush: air-purifying effect


 “Formaldehyde” is a worldwide problem that is contained in construction materials and causes sick building syndrome. Soft rush also has the effect of absorbing chemical substances such as “formaldehyde.” Moreover, it was proven in an experiment that it does not release chemical substances that it has absorbed, even when reheated at 50℃.


☆Effect 4 of soft rush: anti-bacterial effect


 In even more recent research, it was proven that soft rush is effective against bacteria that cause food poisoning such as “Escherichia coli O157,” “salmonella,” and “Staphylococcus aureus,” as well as​ bacteria that cause decomposition, such as “bacillus bacteria” and “micrococcus bacteria”. Also, it has been found that it has antibacterial effects against “legionella pneumophila,” which causes pneumonia.


☆Effect 5 of soft rush: hot spring treatment effect


 Soft rush provides a health effect similar to that of a hot spring. Also, by adding soft rush to hot bathwater, your skin will become smooth, and it will accelerate the recovery of cuts and bruises. Japan has a folk treatment method called “toji” in which one soaks in a hot spring every day over a long period of time to cure an illness, and with soft rush, you can easily try out toji in your own home. Also, there are cases where legionella pneumophila, which causes pneumonia, proliferates in hot springs and public baths, but as adding soft rush prevents the proliferation of legionella pneumophila, you can soak in the bath with ease of mind.