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by Cui Ling on Futon Tokyo
Exceeds expectations

We had been looking for hand made futon from Japan and we just gave futontokyo a try. It exceeded my expectations in terms of how seamless the logistic delivery is, the quality and comfort of the futon mattress and the sheet covers are. Not forgetting the fuji-san design tatami yoga mat. It was one of my best purchases ever! Thanks you very much!

by Shing on Futon Tokyo
Quality products, Swift delivery, Great Service

I've just shifted to a new apartment with a loft sleeping area and a typical bed mattress just doesn't seemed to be a good solution. I took the advice of a good friend to consider futon instead. I am glad that I found Futon Tokyo. I ordered the 4-inch tatami with the organic cotton futon, the covers as well as several types of rush grass pillows. I absolutely love how my loft turned out as my little cosy haven. The tatami mattress coupled with futon together with the lavender pillow is a well-balanced comfort.

The customer service is helpful and equipped in addressing my queries via email in English. The fast delivery with detailed tracking took only 8 days amidst the pandemic situation. Although they delivered the wrong color for one of my pillows, they addressed the issues swiftly. One point to note is the size of the futon cover. The queen size futon cover does not fit the queen size futon snugly. It was way too wide. If I had checked the dimension of the futon cover carefully, I would have chosen the double size futon cover to fit the queen size futon snugly.

The crane that dropped out of one of my packages came as a sweet surprise.

Overall, I am quite happy and satisfied with this purchase with the exception of the futon covers which I have sent to the local tailor for alternation. However, I will definitely look towards them for more of my bedding and tatami needs.

I wish everyone at Futon Tokyo, healthy, happy and well.

Thank you.

by Roman on Futon Tokyo
excellent quality

excellent product!

2 things to make it even better:

1.option to attach 2 or more units together

2. non-slippery layer at the bottom

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