I want to avoid silk thread. What should I do?

Silk threads are used for the tassels at the four corners of the futon and the bindings evenly spaced on the futon. This is because silk fibers are very snug and do not unravel easily when tied.
Yes, but if you don’t like it, we can use cotton thread instead of silk. 

The tassels and bindings made with cotton thread are prone to unraveling compared with the silk ones. However, they are only temporary to hold the cotton fillings in place until it is compressed and settled, so there is no problem if they come off.

Also, we do not have many color variations of that cotton thread, so please understand that the color may be different from the color in the product image.

(For all parts except the tassels and bindings, cotton thread is used originally.)


animal and chemical free futon from tokyo cotton tuft (left) and silk tuft (right)


chemical free animal free futon cotton binding (left) and silk binging (right)



vegan futonWe use three strands of thread together to make tassels.



animal free futon


silk free option