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    If you can't wait until EMS by Japan Post resumes and don't care if the shipping cost is high, we can ship any large items by FedEx. FedEx can deliver to anywhere even in this pandemic situations.
    It will take only a few days to deliver.
    Please provide us with the item(s) you want and a detailed address so we can give you a quote.
    In most cases, the actual shipping cost will be a little lower than the estimate. In that case, we will refund you the difference. We will keep a little extra of your money, but it is difficult to know exactly what the shipping costs will be up front. Please understand.
    Here are some samples of the shipping costs in past. Due to the increase in cargo volume, there is no Economy rate. The Priority rates have been applied.

    Sample 1. a foldable tatami mattress single size - to CA, USA - shipping fee by FedEx USD 150
    For your reference, it's USD 75 by EMS. The difference is USD75.

    Sample 2. a tatami yoga mat - to CA, USA - shipping fee by FedEx USD 80
    It's USD 47 by EMS. The difference is USD 33.

    Sample 3. a futon starter set (futon mattress queen size, a foldable tatami mattress queen size, two futon covers), a kotatsu futon, a kotatsu futon cover - to Ottawa, Canada - shipping fee by FedEx USD 700
    It's USD 560 by EMS. The difference is USD 140.

    We will get it back to you in a couple of business days.

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    Thank you very much!


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