Japanese Futon Mattress, Artisan Handmade, Baby Size, Baby Crib, Baby Cot (Fabric: Organic Cotton, Filling: Organic Cotton 100%)




production time 1 to 2 weeks


How about an organic futon mattress for your baby’s first futon?
It also makes a great gift!

In Japan, futons of this size are often used for babies and children up to about 110 cm in height. We have made many of these futons for nap time at daycare centers.

The filling and the fabric are both organic cotton 100%.

The names of the size variations are for your reference only. If you want to fit a bed, be sure to measure it before order.
As with other futons, we do not accept changes or cancellations due to order size mistakes.

European Infant Bed size
Weight of cotton filling – 3.0kg

Futon Tokyo Original Baby size (Japanese size)
Weight of cotton filling – 3.0kg

UK Baby Cot size
Weight of cotton filling – 3.5kg

US Baby Crib size
Weight of cotton filling – 3.5kg





japanese organic futon for baby


japanese organic futon for baby



FAQs about baby futon mattress

1. What is the difference from other futons for grown-ups?

It is just different in size. The materials, manufacturing process and structure are the same. There is no core material and the filling is 100% natural cotton.

2. Where should futons be placed on the floor? Can I place it directly on the floor?

Unlike adults, babies are lightweight, so this futon alone provides sufficient cushioning. However, if you place the futon directly on a cold floor in winter, the coldness of the floor may be felt. Please place a rug or tatami mat under the futon.

3. I heard that cotton futons are not washable. What should I do to prevent bed-wetting?

Please use  a waterproof pad. 
If a cotton pad is placed on top of the waterproof pad, it will absorb the baby’s sweat and the baby will be able to sleep more comfortably. The cotton pad is machine washable.

4. Can I order a futon in a bit larger size ?
You can order a futon in a customized size from this page.




Review from SG, Switzerland Mar 15, 2023
European Infant Bed size

“He really likes it. It’s been hard to put him to sleep, but on the futon it’s much easier because we can be next to him to sooth him and we can take the futon anywhere with us. So we are very happy with the baby futon <3”


futon tokyo organic zabuton

This organic cotton fabric is light but strong, and the more you wash it, the softer it becomes.


Certified Organic Cotton

Organic cotton, the raw material used for the filling, is grown by the bioRe Project(*1), a social project in India, and is grown organically, without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

This project not only reduces environmental impact but also ensures socially fair production. In addition, it has been inspected and certified by a third-party certification organization based on strict standards that cover everything from the fields to the spinning process.

Also, we at Futon Tokyo do not use any chemicals in the process of turning raw cotton into cotton filling. The safety of our work process is certified by OEKO-TEX(*2). This certification is given only to products that have passed the world's strictest inspection standards and are recognized as safe. The most strict of these requirements, Class 1, was obtained in 2023.


The bioRe Project (*1)

The bioRe project was initiated by the Swiss company Remei in India in 1991 and in Tanzania in 1994. It is a social project initiated for sustainable organic cotton production. The project is not just about buying cotton from the farmers, but also about making products that are environmentally friendly and socially fair in all processes, from training in organic farming to the final product, so that the people living in this region can become self-reliant.

The project's activities are also multifaceted, including education for children, infrastructure development for medical care and water sources, financial assistance for farmers, and support for women to become self-reliant. It is known as one of the largest and most advanced projects of its kind in the world.

In 2002, in recognition of these achievements, the United Nations awarded this project the "Sustainable Development Partnership Award" at the 2nd World Environment Summit held in Johannesburg, the capital of the Republic of South Africa.


OEKO-TEX® (*2)

We are the first in Japan to receive a certification from OEKO-TEX in the futon manufacturing field. This certificate expresses our craftsmanship and commitment to safety.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is the world's highest level of certification for safe textile products, which is only given to products that have passed strict analytical tests covering more than 350 hazardous chemical substances.  It is a globally recognized safety standard in the textile business that goes far beyond Japanese safety standards, including certification of sustainable factories that take into consideration the impact on the people involved in production and the environment. 
Since its inception in 1992, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification has been awarded more than 200,000 times, and demand for this certification continues to grow worldwide.

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How We Make Futon



futon tokyo our policy We source quality raw cotton from India. Classic, heavy-duty machines, which have been used for over three generations, get rid of cotton chips and make the cotton suitable as futon filling. We sterilize cotton by heat. We don't use any chemical material in any of our processes.

futon tokyo our policy

Many kinds of cotton fabrics are in stock to meet customers’ various demands. Our skilled artisans finish more than 15 futon mattresses per day when it‘s busy. The products are then shipped to the world from our office on the lower floor of the factory. Our making process is minimal and productive at the same time. We can cut the costs of the middleman and transportation. That’s why we can offer quality products at a fair price.


futon tokyo our policy






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