Original Japanese Calligraphy Art, “Kanau – fulfillment”, Wall decoration by Taka Mitsuko no.2


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This is an original calligraphy art by the calligraphy artist, Taka Mitsuko.
A piece of Japanese shodo (calligraphy art).
This will be a great decoration on your office and bed room.

H 13.7″ x  W 25.5″ / H 35cm x W 65cm 
(including the frame)

*Washi, White Japanese paper 
*Wooden Board

“I drew a Japanese letter that means fulfillment.
It will be a great decoration on your office and bed room.

I made this piece hoping you will achieve your dreams.
I hope this piece inspires you in your place.

                                      –    Taka Mitsuko”

taka mitsuko calligraphy artist






taka mitsuko calligraphy artist

Taka Mitsuko

taka mitusko calligraphy artisttaka mitsuko calligraphy artist

I've been devoted to Japanese calligraphy, pottery and instructing them for my life time.
It's a big joy for me to teach my students art. Now I'm in my seventies, still on adventure, looking for the way of a fusion of the two, and want to bring them to the next dimension.
Making organic and something very original like everyone of us is the theme of my work.

I was born in 1945.
I practiced calligraphy from the age of six.
After graduation of art school, I led a school and instructed hundreds of students calligraphy.
Then I encountered pottery making, couldn't resist my temptation for it.
In 1997, graduated from Aichi Polytechnic School of cer amics, and built my own kiln, meanwhile learnt under Reikichi Kato. Lately started instructing pottery at my work shop.
In 2005, won the Modern Craft Prize at Nitten, which is the most popular of all the great art organizations in Japan for the first time, since then winning the prize multiple times.





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Peso 11 lbs

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