Zori (Japanese Sandals) Rush grass, Tatami Sandals, Japanese Thong Sandals, Purple Sakura



Zori, Japanese style sandals made of Japanese rush grass.

Top – Rush grass
Bottom – Rubber

Rush grass has effects of disinfectant and deodorant.
These zori can be worn outside or indoors.



The sole is made of rubber that prevents slipping and makes it easy to walk.



They go well with various kinds of styles and of course, kimono!


Marusou - The Traditional Japanese Footwear Maker 

Marusou has been producing Japanese footwear for 60 years and has solid know-how in footwear making.
In Nara Prefecture, the business originally started around the Edo period when farmers began making straw sandals as a side job for their families. The prefecture has produced snow geta and zori sandals using new materials in line with the times. We are striving to make it our mission to preserve the skills of craftsmen, which have been declining in recent years, while enlivening local industry, passing on the traditions to future generations.
Please feel the high quality, which is different from mass-produced products or products manufactured outside of Japan.






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Futon Tokyo
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 2 reviews
 by Gwen

They're perfect! Beautifully crafted, very comfortable. You can rely on the size chart, it matches perfectly

 by Jasmine

I love my zoris. Thank you very much


重量 1.1 磅

23.0, 25.0