Wool Blend 3 Layer Japanese Futon Mattress



This product is NOT Japanese traditional futon.
It is made by machines, not by a Japanese craftsman.

wool futon

Extra Cotton-Padding Type

A heavy, 5kg Japanese-style mattress with a solid cotton filling.

It’s extra-thick, so just one is all you need for a great night’s sleep!

(The market standard is about 3kg.)

These futons have been made to capture the best qualities of wool futons, while improving their durability, elasticity, and thickness.

The secret to the firm, body-supporting thickness is the three-layer design, in which solid cotton is sandwiched between two layers of wool fiber.



wool futon

wool futon


wool futon

wool futon

made in Japan
made in Japan

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Singapore ——— 5~9 days

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United States ——– USD$129
Canada ————– USD$129
Australia ————- USD$129
Singapore ———– USD$94

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Additional information

Weight 17.64 lbs
Dimensions 78.74 × 39.37 × 3.94 in

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