Unbleched cotton blanket





The smoothness comes from the cotton blanket without static electricity.
We made the most comfortable blanket using only natural fiber’s quality.

There are various cloths.
but every cloth requires the works of removing dust, bleaching and dyeing.

However what would happen if we quit the removing dust, bleaching and dyeing on purpose?

We made the most simple unbleached blanket without extra process.

The truly cotton

The cloth including the natural fragment of the cotton plant has a deep taste and a primitive loveliness.

We’ve added a new twist to the way of raising the nap of cloth using Japanese factory technology.

We kept the touch and usavility as it was, and made the price lower.


The fragment of cotton

The blown dots are “the fragment of cotton” due to unbleached raw cotton.

It isn’t stain or dirt, not harmful to the body whatsoever.
Please enjoy the taste of the truly “cotton”.

It’s very gentle to baby.

It has high safety.


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Weight 3.31 lbs
Dimensions 55.12 × 78.74 in

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