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Simple plaid napping mat made with rush grass.

It is excellent for taking a short nap during a break at work. It’s a frequently asked question but, most people would find it’s hard to sleep overnight on Noa.
It’s not as supportive as a futon mattress. Noa is for a short time nap.

-Features of rush grass

  1. Since rush grass has 2.5 times the moisture absorption power of cotton, it reduces sweat build up.
  2. Rush grass is capable of controlling moisture, and aids in sleeping in a dry and pleasant manner.
  3. Rush grass prevents the substance that causes the smell of sweat, as well as other unpleasant odors, from accumulating. 

The product features a 40mm-thick hard polyester cushion filling, which provides just the right amount of springiness.

It can also be used as a pleasant flooring material.

-Aomori hiba coating

The rush grass surface features Aomori hiba coating (with antimicrobial / deodorizing effect).

Through our special technique, the product and materials have been processed with hiba extract sourced from hiba trees in Aomori Prefecture.

Hiba extract contains hinokitiol, which is known to be an exceptionally potent antibacterial substance among natural materials.

It is used and researched extensively in various fields, including medical and cooking.

-Caution in use

*The color of the edges may look different from the color of the center, but this is not mean that the product is defective. The difference in color is not caused by color fading or exposure to sunlight. It is due to the natural characteristics of rush grass.

Place of production Japan
Product material top side : rush
central supply : polyester 
rim : polyester 100%







For customers residing in Japan
Due to the large size of this product, it cannot be shipped by Japan Post. This product is too large to be delivered by Japan Post, so it will be delivered by Sagawa Express. There will be an additional charge of about 4.5 thousand yen per case, depending on the number of sheets. You can also come and pick it up by yourself during our business hours.





Ikehiko Corporation was founded in 1886 (Meiji 19) by Ikegami Hikotaro in Fukuoka, Japan. They started off as a small tatami shop, and has grown into a full-fledged interior product company with a staff of over 360.
They are a comprehensive interior manufacturer that develops, manufactures, plans, and sells rush, tatami mats, kotatsu, rugs, and bedding. With the theme of “Natural Life, let’s live in nature”, they will create a comfortable space for the future.

Their main clients in Japan consist of more than 300 companies including

AEON Co., Ltd.,
Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.,
and MUJI (Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.)

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 7 reviews
 by j (a review on Shopee)

Fast delivery, well packed. Good quality and is comfortable after layering a latex mattress on top.

 by a (a review on Shopee Singapore)

Super fast delivery! I didn’t expect to get it so fast, especially taking into consideration that the mattresses were shipped from Japan. Mattresses were packed very accurate. The quality is 5 stars from 5 stars 🙂 thank you!

 by j (a review on Shopee Singapore)

Love this product, this is the 3rd one i bought.

 by e (a review on Shopee)

Alright product. Delivered in great condition, packaged excellently. However, hardness is more like a mat than a mattress as per description. Still can lay on it, however may not be fully comfortable. Genuine rush grass and company. Strong smell resembling hay. Buy with assurance.

 by e (a review on Shopee Singapore)

Impressed with fast delivery. However, found a few cracks/breakages in the weave.

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重量 10 lbs
尺寸 78.8 × 35.5 × 1.6 in