Tatami Grass – Deodorizing Room Decoration



This is a new concept, a houseplant with a deodorizing function that makes use of rush grass itself.
Just by placing it in a room, it will have a semi-permanent and long-lasting deodorizing effect.
The plant is made of Japanese rushes grown by Ikehiko. You can also enjoy the fragrance of the rush grass.

The aroma of rush grass has a relaxing effect, and you can enjoy a calm atmosphere as if you were in a Japanese-style room. The item is easy to care for, requiring no water or fertilizers, and its deodorizing effect lasts, so there is no need to replace it.
The spread of the rush grass can be adjusted by untying the bundled rush grass, allowing you to arrange it to fit the space in your room.

Rush grass also has the effect of cleaning the air and absorbing moisture, which helps to improve the environment of the room. You can enjoy a calm atmosphere just by placing it in your entrance, living room, bathroom, sofa side, or bedroom, and you can also use it as a natural objet d’art by cutting the rush grass.

Natural Rush Grass (2.2 lb / 1.0kg), Cardboard Box only
* Glass container and place pad are not included.

Height approx. 35.4″ / 90cm
Size of the package L100cm, 22 x 22cm
















Caution in use

*The color of the edges may look different from the color of the middle, but this is not mean that the product is defective. The difference in color is not caused by color fading or exposure to sunlight. It is due to the natural characteristics of rush grass.

Place of production Japan (entirely domestically produced)
Product material Rush grass (grown in Kyushu)









Ikehiko Corporation was founded in 1886 (Meiji 19) by Ikegami Hikotaro in Fukuoka, Japan. They started off as a small tatami shop, and has grown into a full-fledged interior product company with a staff of over 360.
They are a comprehensive interior manufacturer that develops, manufactures, plans, and sells rush, tatami mats, kotatsu, rugs, and bedding. With the theme of “Natural Life, let’s live in nature”, they will create a comfortable space for the future.

Their main clients in Japan consist of more than 300 companies including

AEON Co., Ltd.,
Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.,
and MUJI (Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.)

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重量 5.2 磅
尺寸 3.9 × 3.9 × 36 英寸