Setta (Japanese Sandals) no.32-168, 26cm




One size only

Bottom – Synthetic Leather

These setta  zori can be worn outside or indoors.



Marusou - The Traditional Japanese Footwear Maker 

Marusou has been producing Japanese footwear for 60 years and has solid know-how in footwear making.
In Nara Prefecture, the business originally started around the Edo period when farmers began making straw sandals as a side job for their families. The prefecture has produced snow geta and zori sandals using new materials in line with the times. We are striving to make it our mission to preserve the skills of craftsmen, which have been declining in recent years, while enlivening local industry, passing on the traditions to future generations.
Please feel the high quality, which is different from mass-produced products or products manufactured outside of Japan.


What is Setta?

"Setta", literally means "snow geta" is a type of traditional Japanese footwear. It was made with several layers of soles and made of a material that was strong, resistant to damage, and impervious to moisture. In the past, they were mainly worn when the weather was bad. It is said that Sen no Rikyu devised and made them, and they were mainly worn by tea ceremony masters and courtesans.
Today, they are mainly worn by men when they wear kimonos.
The heels have metal parts attached to them. This metal part is was added to prevent slipping. When you walk in Setta, they hit the ground and makes a jingling sound. This is thought to be cool.
However, they may be slippery to walk on the modern flat paved ground, so please be careful walking on them.


"Shigi" is derived from the sake breweries of Nara Prefecture and Mount Shigi. Each pair of sandals, carefully handmade in Japan, is a gem of local tradition and modern sense.





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重量 2.0 磅