Cut to Fit Rush Grass Uwajiki (Carpet) – Shiranui


(US$3/1 unit)


tatami mat size

This item is a sheet, not separated by the green rims. 


japanese interior goza mat


Simply spread the product on the floor to create a cool room.
It will feel as though you just changed the tatami mats in the room.
You can easily change the atmosphere of any room, and feel the cool sensation with your eyes, skin, and nose.
If you are thinking about an easy solution to renovating a tatami room, we recommend this rush grass carpet.
Because it is also reversible, it is highly economical!
Add a natural atmosphere to your room.
Made with 100% rush grass. The surface is processed with a special hiba tree extract coating to prevent attracting insects.




Place of production Japan
Product material land side : rush
frame : polypropylene, polyethylene








japanese tatami unit

“jo” is a unit of area in Japan



Hanabishi Pattern

Material : Polyester and polyethylene
Width: approx. 7.5 cm / 2.9″ (The width of Shiranui edge tape is about 6.0 cm / 2.3″)
Black yarn is used for warp, white and yellow for weft.
So the color looks different depending on the direction you look at it.
It is hard and easy to fold in half and paste.
The peel-off paper is divided into two pieces, so it is easy to find the center.



Bamboo Bio

Material : Cotton (Printed)
Width: approx. 6.0 cm / 2.3″
It is an old-fashioned pattern using many diamond shapes.
Soft and thin fabric. There is one sheet of release paper.



We do not have the same rim tape used for Shiranui for sale.



Ikehiko Corporation was founded in 1886 (Meiji 19) by Ikegami Hikotaro in Fukuoka, Japan. They started off as a small tatami shop, and has grown into a full-fledged interior product company with a staff of over 360.
They are a comprehensive interior manufacturer that develops, manufactures, plans, and sells rush, tatami mats, kotatsu, rugs, and bedding. With the theme of “Natural Life, let’s live in nature”, they will create a comfortable space for the future.

Their main clients in Japan consist of more than 300 companies including

AEON Co., Ltd.,
Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.,
and MUJI (Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.)

ikehiko tatami maker in japan ikehiko tatami maker in japan ikehiko tatami maker in japan ikehiko tatami maker in japan ikehiko tatami maker in japan




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Futon Tokyo
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by tanpohlin2020

Quality:excellent Suitability:excellent Appearance:excellent Lovely product! So glad we finally decided on this over a carpet or a rug. Great for small spaces with limited storage. Smells nice and homely. Looks easy to clean. Nicely packaged and delivered. Thank you to all who make this product possible to reach us.

 by Mike on Aug 30, 2022

Amazingly fast shipping. Beautiful cover!

 by r (a review on Shopee Singapore)

Order arrived fast via EMS. Good packaging condition. Tatami carpet is light weight. Easy and portable to carry around. Smooth and comfortable to lie on.

Información adicional

Peso 2.8 lbs
Dimensiones 69.29 × 34.65 in

1 jo, 2 jo, 3 jo, 4.5 jo, 6 jo, 8 jo, 10 jo

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