Rush Grass Tatami Sheet – My Neighbor Totoro and Hydrangea (Kids Size)



Size Approx.  47.2″ x 27.5″ / 120 x 70 cm
Top and bottom surface : Rush Grass     
Padding:  hard cotton   0.6″ / 15mm
Rim: 100% cotton
Made in Japan 


My Neighbor Totoro is a Ghibli film produced by Hayao Miyazaki in 1983. It is one of Japan’s most popular animated films that has been loved for a long time both in Japan and abroad. Totoro is a creature that lives in the forest, and this mattress is full of nature’s blessings, so you can feel like you’re with Totoro.

A soft rush grass sheet made with soft rush grass produced in Kyushu.
Please spread it over the top of baby-sized futon or over a long cushion, and use it as a sheet.It is finished with a 3/3 weave with a soft texture. Each stalk is wide with a thick skin and fine-textured fibers, so it is flexible and durable.



totoro rush glass mat


totoro rush glass mat

A special delicate knitting technique is used for the soft skin of small children.


totoro rush glass mat

The quality dense embroidery of Totoro is very cute!


totoro rush glass mat

Children have a faster metabolism than adults and sweat a lot. Igusa, which is highly effective in absorbing sweat, is ideal for children. It is also great that it does not need to be washed.


totoro rush glass mat

Bottom side






-Features of rush grass

  1. Since rush grass has 2.5 times the moisture absorption power of cotton, it reduces sweat build up.
  2. Rush grass is capable of controlling moisture, and aids in sleeping in a dry and pleasant manner.
  3. Rush grass prevents the substance that causes the smell of sweat, as well as other unpleasant odors, from accumulating. 

-Aomori hiba coating

The rush grass surface features Aomori hiba coating (with antimicrobial / deodorizing effect).

Through our special technique, the product and materials have been processed with hiba extract sourced from hiba trees in Aomori Prefecture.

Hiba extract contains hinokitiol, which is known to be an exceptionally potent antibacterial substance among natural materials.

It is used and researched extensively in various fields, including medical and cooking.

-Caution in use

*The color of the edges may look different from the color of the center, but this is not mean that the product is defective. The difference in color is not caused by color fading or exposure to sunlight. It is due to the natural characteristics of rush grass.


Place of production Japan
Product material Seat : rush
Rim : cotton 100%




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