Pottery Mosquito Coil Holder – Small Yellow Pig, Kayari, Katori Buta




A very nostalgic and cute yellow (Irabo color glaze, a Japanese traditional pottery glaze) pig mosquito coil holder. Smaller than normal size, so please use a small coil. Or you can fold the large coil and use it. Even if you don’t use it as a mosquito coil, it is a very cute object to display.

*mosquito coils are not included. (we don’t have them. please get them locally)
5.5 x 5.7 in / 14.0 x 14.5 cm 
Made in Mie, Japan 

Bend this wire to hang the mosquito coils.


This pottery pig is smaller than the usual size. Only a small mosquito coil can be set.



japanese Mini Mosquito Pig kayari pig

There are three color variations: Oribe green, Pink, and Irabo Yellow.






How to use this kayari pig with mosquito coils (mosquito coils are not included in this item)

Please do not leave it unattended when in use.
Always use it on a flat surface. Do not hang or move it while it is in use.
If the incense sticks fly out, it may cause unexpected burns or fire.
If incense ashes accumulate, they may cause a fire, so be sure to remove them before each use.
This item is made of ceramic, so if it is dropped or knocked, it will be damaged.

Hang the incense sticks from the inside of the body, and adjust the height of the incense sticks to prevent them from hitting the interior walls.
After the incense is completely fixed, light the incense while being careful not to burn yourself.


how to set mosquito coil in buta




Paino 2.0 lbs (naula)
Mitat 5.5 × 5.6 in (tuuma)

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