Pottery Hot Water Bottle – White Yutampo


متوفر في المخزون


Ceramic (Japanese Mino ware)
Size: H 8.7″ x W 8.2″ x D3.5″  (H22 cm x W21 cm x D9 cm)
Capacity: about 2 liters
Made in Gifu, Japan
Please use it with the side with the cap facing up.


What is a hot bottle (Yutampo) ?

It is a heating device that has been used in Japan since around the 13th century. Since it does not use electricity, it has recently been reevaluated as an eco-friendly heating device.
Once you start using it, you will not be able to put it down, and it will become a necessity during the cold season. You can also use it to warm your feet in an overly air-conditioned room.
In Japan, there is a saying that “Zukan sokunetsu – head cold, feet warm” is a condition that leads to good sleep, health and mind. If you find yourself waking up with cold toes, please try this hot water bottle.

This hot bottle is made in the traditional way using fine soil with an excellent plasticity from the Tajimi Takada area in Gifu.
The fine clay has excellent water resistance also has an excellent far-infrared effect.
Unlike electric blankets, hot water bottles do not dry out, making them healthier for your skin. It also has moderate humidity.
This classic and nostalgic style is perfect for Japanese futons.

*The color may differ from the actual color due to the coloration of the monitor.
  The glaze may be uneven in color, but there is no problem in using it.


The 2022 version has a hexagonal cap shape for some products. You will receive either round or hexagonal caps.




Ceramic screw cap with silicone packing


White, Sand Yellow, Red



How to Use the Hot Bottle

Please make sure to read before use to avoid burns and leaks.

Fill the bottle with about  158°F / 70 °C water to about the eighth mark. Even at this temperature, if it is under a kakefuton (quilt), it will be warm enough until morning.
Allow the water to cool for a few minutes to reduce the steam. Too much steam can cause water leakage.
When using the bottle for long hours, such as when sleeping, wrap it in a towel or cloth bag to prevent low-temperature burns.
Please be careful when placing the bottle at the foot of the bed. It is best to use it with a futon on the floor.














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