Pillow for Side Sleepers – Motto Yoko Rakune



24.8 x 13.7 in (63 x 35 cm)

Outer fabric : 90% cotton, 10% polyester 
Lining : 100% cotton
Filling: polyethylene pipe
Height adjustable sheet
Fabric : 100% cotton
Filling : Urethane foam

Producer Nishikawa
Made in Japan
(Fabric and height adjustment sheet are made in China)


This pillow was completed after detailed research into the posture and tossing and turning of side sleepers. The higher sides and the round independent quilt make the head stable when sleeping on the side. The concave shape in the center of the quilt also supports back sleeping.


pillow for side sleepers


pillow for side sleepers

pillow for side sleepers


pillow for side sleepers


A. Soft and thick knit fabric is used on the surface.
B. The concave shape in the center of the body supports sleeping on one’s back.
C. Breathable pipes are used for stuffing.
D. Height adjustment by inserting sheets (both sides)
E. Round independent quilt to stabilize the posture of side sleeping
F. Arched shape to fit the neck and shoulders
G. Side fabric with antibacterial treatment


pillow for side sleepers

Side view


pillow for side sleepers

Bottom side


yokorakune_4How to adjust the height
Height can be adjusted by filling in the center and 3 places on both sides, and by circular sheets on both sides.

How to adjust pillow height by stuffing
To lower the height

1. Open the zipper on the side or back of the pillow and remove the cloth from the adjustment opening.

2. Pull out a handful of stuffing from the adjustment opening at the point you wish to adjust.

3. When you have finished removing the stuffing, close the zipper tightly. Evenly distribute the stuffing by hand and test the comfort on your futon. (If it does not fit well, repeat the process by removing a handful of stuffing and adjusting it slightly.) 
If you wish to increase the height, add a handful of stuffing from the included refill packet to the mattress.


pillow for side sleepers

Filling : moderately hard and elastic pipes.



Please use a laundry net for washing



pillow for side sleepers

Covers are sold separately.





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 by hazelnutlatte81

Amazingly comfortable, feels like a cloud! Bought this for my husband who suffers from achy neck but found that it stopped his snoring completely on the first night he used it. Will purchase another for myself.

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Peso 4.2 lbs
Dimensiones 24.8 × 13.7 in

Red, Blue

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