Otsu Pure Cotton Gauze Pillow Pad


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23.2 x 11.8 in / 50 x 30 cm

Fabric : Unbleached Cotton 100 %
Filling : Absorbent Cotton   100 %

Made in Otsu, Shiga, Japan

Why not cover your pillow, which has the most contact surface with your body among all bedding, with this gentle-feeling cotton ? Washable at home. Durable and can withstand multiple washings.
The soft and gentle feel of cotton will make your sleeping time more comfortable.
The simple, minimalistic design goes well with any futon.


pure-cotton-pillow pad futon tokyopure-cotton-pillow pad futon tokyo

pure-cotton-pillow pad futon tokyo



pure-cotton-pillow pad futon tokyo

pure-cotton-pillow pad futon tokyoThis cover fits small to large pillows with an elastic band in the back.


pure-cotton-pillow pad futon tokyo









japanese futon mattress absorbent cotton pad



japanese futon mattress absorbent cotton pad








pure-cotton-for-babies what-is-izumimomen2


Gentle on the skin, absorbs sweat, and dries quickly.
Outstanding water absorbency.
Ordinary cotton is not degreased and only has its surface removed with water, but degreased cotton undergoes a process of refinement, bleaching, and degreasing, so it absorbs moisture exceptionally well. The fibers of degreased cotton are soft-haired and breathable, blocking the entry of airborne germs.


True additive-free and color-free.
Gauze fabric consisting of 118 threads is used instead of the usual 98 threads. This difference of 20 threads makes The gauze is soft and strong. The gauze will change its original soft texture with repeated washing.


Before impurities (such as starch from the weaving process) are removed, the gauze is subjected to a burning process. This process reduces the fluffiness of the gauze and suppresses the generation of dust. Even those who are sensitive to dust can use this gauze with peace of mind.












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Dimensions 23.2 × 11.8 in

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