Nishikawa Living PCM00 Cooling Mattress Pad




Sigle size    80.7″ x 39.3″  (205 x 100 cm)
Semi Double size   80.7″ x 47.2″   (205 x 120 cm)
Double size    80.7″ x 55.1″  (205 x 140 cm)

Top fabric   100% cotton (cool touch finish, antibacterial finish)

Bottom fabric   100% cotton (dry touch finish, antibacterial finish)

Filling   Top layer    PCM® sheet (antibacterial finish)    Middle layer: 100% cotton (absorbent cotton)
             Lower layer: 100% polypropylene (deodorant sheet)

(Pillow pad is not included)

Made in Japan



In the summer, when the heat drains our energy, it is important to sleep to repair our cells and relieve fatigue. However, there are many people who feel stressed because of the difficulty in sleeping, waking up several times or not being able to sleep well. That’s why it’s important to review your bedding and create an environment where you can sleep.
Nishikawa Living’s PCM® Cool Pad offers a comfortable sleeping environment that matches the season.

The PCM® Cool Pad, which is popular every year for its “long-lasting coolness,” are available in three sizes! The PCM® sheet has an antibacterial function. In addition, by adding an antibacterial function to the PCM® sheet, it prevents the growth of bacteria on the fiber, keeping it clean and providing a comfortable sleep.

What is PCM®?
PCM® Cool Pad is a highly functional material with a “temperature control function” developed for astronauts who perform missions in environments with drastic temperature changes.
PCM® Cool Pad is made of PCM®, a highly functional material developed for astronauts on missions in environments with drastic temperature changes. The micro-encapsulated [PCM®] reacts to changes in the surrounding temperature and changes from solid to liquid.
The micro-encapsulated [PCM®] changes from solid to liquid and from liquid to solid in response to changes in the surrounding temperature, thereby controlling the rise and fall of the temperature to a comfortable temperature.
The temperature is controlled to be comfortable.




nishikawa cool pad pcm00

The design may change.






nishikawa cool pad pcm00



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