Nishikawa Aller-All Allergen Control Synthetic Fiber Washable Comforter




Single Long size only    82.7 x 59.1 inches  (210 x 150 cm).

Fabric : 80% polyester, 20% cotton (anti-mite treatment, hypoallergenic treatment, *stain-resistant finish ).
Filling : 100% polyester (long fiber sheet)
Weight of filling :
     Standard   3.1 lbs (1.4 kg)
     Thinner (Hadakake) 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg)

The stain-resistant finish makes stains more difficult to adhere to and pollen easier to remove.

Made in Japan


3D-Fit Quilt
Ergonomically designed form suitable for sleeping. It fits the body with less space between the shoulders than a normal quilt.

The quilting line “3D Fit Quilt” made possible by the use of “Endless Fiber Sheet” using long fiber filling follows the lines of the body effortlessly and securely, providing high warmth and lightness. Dust is hardly generated due to the long fiber connection, and it can be washed whole and dries quickly.

Breaking away from the flat futon form, a functional and three-dimensional design is achieved. The quilt, which used to play the role of preventing the stuffing from being unevenly distributed, was reviewed as a factor that constitutes the form, and a 3D fit quilt pattern symmetrical to the top and bottom was completed through detailed design based on human body data. This was made possible by the long fiber sheet, which is made of endless polyester filament fiber processed into a special shape. 

allerwall kakefuton nishikawa


allerwall kakefuton nishikawa





Machine washable. Put in a laundry net and wash alone using high water level. Do not use bleach. After dehydration, hang dry in sunny conditions. Hang dry on a dry, sunny day with full sun exposure. Hang dry for several hours on each side until both sides are completely dry.


Allergen control for comfortable and clean sleep. This series of washable sanitary bedding works against allergens in the living space, such as perennial dust mites and seasonal pollen, to reduce allergic reactions in the human body.


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Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 82.7 × 59.1 in

Standard, Thinner(Hadakake)

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