Naga-zabuton Inner Cushion and Cover 72.8″ x 27.5″ 185 x 70cm



Flat Dimensions  72.8″ x 27.5″ (185 x 70cm)
This product is factory machine made. They are not handmade by our craftsmen.


*Inner Cushion
Fabric : Cotton 100 %
Filling : Natural Cotton 100%

*Cushion Cover
Fabric : Linen  Green and Beige
Either side can be used as the top surface.

Made in Japan

All dimensions listed are flat dimensions.


For the filling, a lot of high quality cotton wadding is used. It is a combination of Indian cotton, which has a strong and firm support, and
and Mexican cotton for cushioning and softness.

When folded, it becomes the size of a regular zabuton cushion!
Easy to store and take out of the closet !
For relaxing in your room, reading, napping… You can always relax on a hard wood floor.

The cushion cover is made of 100% linen, a material familiar from summer clothing.
The linen’s inherent heat-dissipating properties keep you cool, and the fabric is resistant to perspiration and moisture. 

It is reversible in green and beige.
It can be used in both Japanese and Western rooms. 

If it gets dirty, you can easily wash it by removing the cover and keep it clean.





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Weight 7.7 lbs
Dimensions 72.8 × 27.5 in

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