Kotatsu Mattress, Rug Under Kotatsu Table, Kotatsu Shikifuton Modelno Beige


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This product is only mat. The table and futon are NOT included.

Top fabric 100% polyester (flannel),
Bottom fabric 100% polyester (peach-skin processing, non-slip),
Padding  40mm  Polyester material in the form of a compressed sheet.

Washing Instructions: Cannot be washed

Made in Japan


We have 3 sizes for this product.  

  • 74.8″ x 51.1″ (190×130cm)
  • 74.8″ x 74.8″ (190×190cm)
  • 94.4″ x 74.8″ (240×190cm)

kotatsu rug kotatsu carpet under table

japanese kotatsu mat



kotatsu mat


The padding is made of 40mm Japanese hard cotton for cushioning. Its sufficient cushioning makes it ideal for use on wooden floors.
This mat has obtained a special sound insulation grade of LL-40 (The value of the grade that indicates the sound insulation performance in Japan). It also reduces noise to the lower floor.
Also, when used with a kotatsu, it is difficult for heat from the kotatsu to escape under the floor, which has an energy-saving effect.
The surface has a water-repellent function, so even if you spill something, it can be wiped off quickly and easily.
The use of chenille yarn prevents the formation of stray hair and makes it easy to clean.


kotatsu rug kotatsu carpet under tablejapanese kotatsu mat

It is very cushioned. You can even nap on it!



Features of this item
1. High cushioning
2. Soundproofing
3. Heat retention
4. Stain resistance

About the size of the kotatsu mat

If you are not sure about the size of your kotatsu mattress (kotatsu rug), use "the width of the kotatsu top + 39 inch (100 cm)" as a guide.
For example, if your kotatsu table is 31.5 inch (80 cm) wide, the size of the kotatsu mattress should be 31.5 + 39 = 70.5 inch ( 80 cm + 100 cm = 180 cm) or more.

This will give you 20 inch (50 cm) of space to sit on each side of the tabletop.

how to choose kotatsu mat


This item is produced by Ikehiko



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 by Jesse

The perfect solution for what I was imagining. It arrived staggeringly fast, and was exactly as described.

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