Japanese Kotatsu Futon, Kotatsu Blanket, Artisan Handmade (Fabric: Sakura Filling: Natural Cotton)




production time 1 to 2 weeks


This product is only futon. The table is NOT included.


Fabric : Cotton 100% 
Top side Sakura pattern
Bottom side Beige color (it may vary slightly depending on the production period.)

Filling : Natural Cotton 100%

We have 2 sizes for this product.

Fabric size

  • 84.6″ x 84.6″ (215cm x 215cm)
  • 100.4″ x 84.6″ (255cm x 215cm)


Also, we have 2 colors.

Orange Pink



Purple Pink



// SIZE //
*The size of the futon is indicated as the size of the side fabric (the size of the fabric before adding cotton), so the finished size after adding cotton will be about 4 inches / 10cm shorter. As you use the product, the cotton will settle down and the bulk will spread out as it settles down.

*Please note that because it is made of natural materials, there may be slight variations depending on the temperature and humidity environment.

*Please note that returns and exchanges due to size discrepancies will not be accepted.



84.6″ x 84.6″ (215 cm x 215 cm)




100.4″ x 84.6″ (255 cm x 215 cm)



How to choose the size of a kotatsu futon

Ideally, a kotatsu futon should be about  43" to 51" (110 to 130 cm) larger in both length and width than the kotatsu tabletop.
This means that the futon will be at least 21" (55 cm) larger than all four sides of the table.

However, these days, kotatsu tables tend to be taller. The average height of a kotatsu is said to be about  15" (39 cm). If your kotatsu is taller than this, a larger futon may be more suitable.


how to choose kotatsu futon

It is recommended that you choose a cover for your kotatsu futon that is the same or about 2″ / 5 cm larger than the kotatsu futon.

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 5 reviews
 by enigmaticinsignia

Beautiful and comfortable, came quicker than expected!

 by E

I tried to order a while back and they responded really quickly. My order is great! Unwrapped and used

 by Jason (A Review On Etsy For The Same Product)

Awesome quality and shipped fast!!

 by Samantha (A review on Etsy for the same product)

This kotatsu futon is just beautiful. It's exactly as the picture shows but is still way more impressive in person. It keeps the heat in very well and I am so thrilled with it! Thank you!!

 by hitomi (a review for the same item on Etsy)

The item is fluffy and nice. One of my rabbits even likes it! He dashes and flops on it happily. My experience with the shop was great too. I initially approached them with the dimensions of my table to see if they thought I needed a square or rectangle kotatsu futon and they were quick to respond and help out.

The shipping process was easy too, and the futon arrived within 4 days I think, after paying. Pretty quick for items coming from Japan to the U.S.

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Orange Pink, Purple Pink