Japanese Zabuton Cushion Natural Cork Leather Warabe Yellow 40cm Square


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production time 1 to 2 weeks



Size: 40cm x 40cm / 15.7″ x 15.7″  (from seam to seam)
Fabric: Cotton Warabe pattern Yellow and Cork Leather
Filling: Natural Cotton 70% Polyester30%    300g
Either side can be used as the top surface.




Cork Leather

Cork leather is the bark of the cork oak tree of the genus Quercus of the beech family.
We use cork leather produced in the forests of central India, where cork leather of high quality is produced, although the share of cork production is still small. It is soft and flexible, yet very durable due to the cotton fabric on the back.
When the cork oak is 20 years old and the diameter of the trunk is 20 cm, it undergoes its first peeling. After that, the bark is periodically peeled, and the processed products are used for various purposes, and it is said that harvesting is possible without cutting down the trees until they are about 250 years old.
Cork forests also contribute greatly to the prevention of global warming. Peeled cork trees absorb three to five times more carbon dioxide than usual. Not cutting down trees, using the material without using all of it, and helping to prevent global warming are the reasons why cork is said to be an environmentally friendly material.

The Cork Bark
Harvested in the Central India 

Cotton Fabric, The Backing Material

Smooth and Flexible 



How to Care Cork Item

This zabuton is not washable. Dry it in the sun from time to time to keep it clean and bring back the fluffy feel of cotton.
If it get stained, use a dry cloth or soft brush to gently remove it from the cork surface. If using water, use lukewarm water with a small amount of neutral detergent diluted in it, and wipe it off with a soft cloth. However, since the cork may be deformed if immersed in water, wipe it off only with a wet cloth.


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