Japanese Paper Lantern, Round shape 3




Japanese Paper Lantern, Cho-chin

Portable Japanese lamp use traditional techniques with a modern, beautifully simple design.


<Specifications & Features>

 Chouchin, Japanese Paper Lantern
Round shape, (ICHI-GO-3)

The body of the lantern, called a “Hibukuro”, is made of Japanese paper and pedestal of recycled plastic.
The body is therefore lightweight, and the body is foldable and sturdy.


Material : Japanese Paper, PET, MDF, starch glue
Light Source : 8 Orange LED Bulbs
Power Sources : AA Battery (*Not included )
Usage style : Free standing / Hanging 


<How to assemble>


  •  Do not assemble in wet areas or with wet hands.
  •  The material of the body is Japanese paper.  Since the surface is specially processed, the body is firm and hard, especially before use.
     Therefore, applying excessive force may cause damage.  Please handle with care when assembling or removing the pedestal.
     As the Japanese paper softens with use, the pedestal can be easily removed.



  <What's ICHI-GO ?>

  Foldable, portable lighting fixture

Adaptable to a variety of uses, these chochin can be placed on a surface, hung, or carried.

 They add charm to a indoor table setting, and can also be hung from a tree branch outdoors. 

The Japanese paper shade is water repellant. 

You can collapse an ICHI-GO Chochin by lightly applying pressure to its top, so, to certain extent, you can enjoy varying the shape of the shade. 

Carry it with you to light your path on a nighttime stroll,  or hang it from a wall your sure to  find a use that will add fun to your lifestyle.    



"SUZUMO CHOCHIN" are made entirely by hand in Japan.  For that reason, there will be slight variations from one to the next. 
Slight differences may also be found in the patterns of the Japanese paper, which might result in different tones when light from LEDs passes through it . 



<How to Care>

  • Remove the batteries when not in use for an extended period of time or when storing the product.
  • Use a dry cloth for cleaning.


<Caution in use>

  •  Do not use the product in a humid or wet place.
  •  Do not use the product in places subject to vibration, impact, corrosive or flammable gases, or high dust levels.
  •  Discontinue use in case of malfunction or damage.
     Modification or disassembly of the equipment may cause electric shock or fire.
  •  Use away from fire, stove, or other sources of high temperatures to avoid deformation, fire, or malfunction.
  •  Covering or wrapping the main unit with a cloth, blanket, etc. may cause the inside to become hot, resulting in fire or malfunction.

<Usage of scene>

  • Wedding and  other celebrations
  • Use outdoors as a lamp or lantern
  • As a gift of Japanese tradition and craftsmanship
  • Traditional Japanese objects that fit in with contemporary architecture
  • As a sign or symbol that sets it apart from other stores.

<Design Customization> 

Please contact us for customization requests.



Suzuki Mohei Shoten, a Japanese lantern workshop established in 1865. 
Since its establishment about 160 years ago, the company has long been producing chochin for festivals, obon, and various other occasions of daily life in Japan .


Today, however, the workshop uses traditional Japanese lantern making techniques to produce lanterns that illuminate and color modern life.
















重量 0.66 磅
尺寸 8.5 × 8.6 英寸