Japanese Lantern stand sf001-s


尚有庫存 (允許無庫存下單)


Stand for Lantern Chochin

This stand is made of stainless steel with a beautiful form for hanging.




This stainless steel stand has a simple, gentle design and structure.
Best choice for Lantern Chochin with Wind chimes <EN>

****Lanterns are not included in the price

Size : H 60 x φ27 cm (H27.5 x  φ10.6 in)
Weight : 960g (2.11 lb)
Material : Stainless steel
Made in Japan




Easy to assemble with the included Allen key.





Applicable Products: Lantern with wind chaim ( EN )


  • “SUZUMO CHOCHIN” are made entirely by hand in Japan.  For that reason, there will be slight variations from one to the next.

<How to Care>

  • Use a dry cloth for cleaning.

< Caution in use  >

  • Do not use the product for a long period of time in a humid or wet place.
  • Do not use the product if it malfunctions or is damaged.
    Failure to do so may result in electric shock or fire from the lantern if it falls.
  • Keep away from fire, stoves, and other hot sources to avoid deformation, fire, and burns from hot metal.




Suzuki Mohei Shoten, a Japanese lantern workshop established in 1865. 
Since its establishment about 160 years ago, the company has long been producing chochin for festivals, obon, and various other occasions of daily life in Japan .


Today, however, the workshop uses traditional Japanese lantern making techniques to produce lanterns that illuminate and color modern life.

Traditional techniques and modern, beautifully simple designs.
They create unconventional products with new techniques, such as shapes that are easy to use indoors and reproduce the flicker of light.

















重量 2.77 磅
尺寸 27 × 11.3 × 1.2 英吋