Japanese Kotatsu Futon with a Green Cover (Futon Size : 74.8″x 74.8″ 190cm x 190cm)


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production time 2 to 3 weeks
Our futons are made to order, so production takes time.


This product is only futon. The table is NOT included.

Fabric : Cotton 100%

Filling : Natural Cotton 100%

kotatsu futon japanese style


Japanese kotatsu futon handmadeJapanese kotatsu futon handmade

Kotatsu Futon Cover
Cotton 100%  smooth, plain weave
76.7″ x 76.7″ / 195cm x 195cm
Green Color, Pine Tree Pattern
Produced by Iwamoto Senni in Kyoto, Japan

Washable at home

Closing fastener is in the center of the bottom side.


// SIZE //
*The size of the futon is indicated as the size of the side fabric (the size of the fabric before adding cotton), so the finished size after adding cotton will be about 4 inches / 10cm shorter. As you use the product, the cotton will settle down and the bulk will spread out as it settles down.

*Please note that because it is made of natural materials, there may be slight variations depending on the temperature and humidity environment.

*Please note that returns and exchanges due to size discrepancies will not be accepted.


How to choose the size of a kotatsu futon

Ideally, a kotatsu futon should be about  43" to 51" (110 to 130 cm) larger in both length and width than the kotatsu tabletop.
This means that the futon will be at least 21" (55 cm) larger than all four sides of the table.

However, these days, kotatsu tables tend to be taller. The average height of a kotatsu is said to be about  15" (39 cm). If your kotatsu is taller than this, a larger futon may be more suitable.


how to choose kotatsu futon

It is recommended that you choose a cover for your kotatsu futon that is the same or about 2″ / 5 cm larger than the kotatsu futon.


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