Japanese Futon Thin-Quilt, Artisan Handmade (Fabric: Takashima Chijimi Koushi Pattern, Filling: Natural Cotton 100%)


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production time 1 to 2 weeks



Fabric : Crepe Cotton 100 %  (Japanese Takashima Chijimi Fabric)

Filling : Natural Cotton 100 %  


This is a thin quilt, called “Hadakake” in Japanese.  “Hadakake” stands for “cover the skin” in Japanese. This our artisan made quilt is thinner and lighter than the standard kake futon. Compared with our standard kake futon (futon quilt), about half cotton filling is used in this hadakake.

In Japan, this is usually used to adjust the temperature in your futon or bed when the season is changing from spring to summer, summer to autumn. It is when standard kake futon is too hot to sleep, but summer blanket is too cold. You can also use this when your bed room is too cold because of the air conditioner in summer time. Though this is called “Hadakake – cover the skin”, we recommend to use kake futon cover to maintain it clean. However the thickness is different, the covers for standard kake futon will fit.


authentic japanese kakebuton

There is a hand stitched seam line on a side


authentic japanese kakefuton


Takashima Chijimi is a highly breathable cotton fabric.



What is a "hadakake futon"?

There is no clear definition or standard of distinction between a hadakake futon and a kake futon.
Both are classified as "kake futon - quilts" in terms of bedding and worn over the body.
Hadakake futon are lighter ones. In our case, it means that the amount of cotton used is about half.
The difference between a hadakake futon and a kake futon is the warmth.
Generally speaking, kake futon is warmer because they retain heat better with the thick layer of cotton fillings.
Hadakake futon does not retain heat as well, but rather plays a role in preventing excess body heat from dissipating.
In Japan, the kake futon is basically used for all three seasons except summer, and the hadakake futon is used for all three seasons except winter. Using this as a basic idea, try to find your perfect comfort by making adjustments such as adding a blanket in winter, or removing the kakefuton, and using a towelket on tropical summer nights.
Depending on the region you live in and the altitude you are at, the importance of warmth or breathability will vary.
Some people find it easier to sleep on a warm futon even in the summer, while others find a heavier futon more restful, and everyone has different sleeping preferences.


Japanese handmade quilt kakefuton


the weight of cotton filling Hadakake futon (thinner quilt) Kake futon (standard quilt)
Single 3.5 lb / 1.8 kg 7.9 lb / 3.6 kg
Single Long 4.9 lb / 2.2 kg  9.9 lb / 4.5 kg 
Semi Double 5.2 lb / 2.4 kg 10.5 lb / 4.8 kg
Double 5.5 lb / 2.5 kg 11.0 lb / 5.0 kg
Queen 6.0 lb / 2.7 kg 12.1 lb / 5.5 kg





futon tokyo speciality



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Futon Tokyo
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 3 reviews
 by rg2544

I absolutely love this quilt! I ordered it for my son’s futon bed (also from FutonTokyo) after I was so impressed with the quality of items from my first order. The fabric on the quilt is beautiful, the construction is very high quality with lovely hand tufting details, and it’s very warm for being so lightweight. This is now the fourth item I have ordered from FutonTokyo and everything has exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

 by Jo

I was on the hunt for a high quality duvet/quilt when I stumbled upon Futon Tokyo. I decided to give them a try after reading the countless positive reviews and the very fact that it is wholly made in Japan, which is in and of itself a testament to the quality. I received my quilt 2 weeks after I placed order and boy, it was indeed very well-made.

However, I found it odd that the "thin quilt" felt very heavy and thick, unlike what was described on the website. Hence, I emailed Mori-san, who very kindly clarified that there indeed had been a mistake - they had sent me a normal, standard quilt instead of the thin quilt which I had ordered. Knowing that I live in Singapore and that the standard quilt would render me useless in this hot and humid climate, Mori-san graciously offered me a replacement (thin) quilt, no questions asked. Another 2 weeks later, I received the replacement quilt and it was a lot more comfortable to sleep with, thankfully.

Not only were the quilts made of excellent quality and craftsmanship, the service provided by Futon Tokyo and Mori-san was truly impeccable as well. I highly recommend Futon Tokyo to anyone who's looking for any bedding material.

Thank you very much! I am a very happy customer who is now enjoying her sleep at night 🙂

 by Lindley
Amazingly comfortable

I love this light weight kake futon! We live in Singapore and sleep with the air conditioning on but I like to have something to cover me other than a sheet. It's just the perfect weight. I imagine it would also work for cooler nights that didn't drop below 5-8 celcius. The pattern is gorgeous and the material if super soft.


Paino 6.62 lbs (naula)
Mitat 78.74 × 59.06 in (tuuma)

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