All Linen Quilt, (Fabric: Linen 100%, Filling: Linen 100% ) Single size



This is not a handmade item that our futon craftsman made.

Single size only  75″ x 55″ / 190 cm x 140 cm

Fabric : Japanese linen 100 %
Filling : Japanese linen 100 %    1.1 lb / 0.5kg

Made in Japan


Omi linen
The Omi region of Shiga Prefecture has been known for its hemp textiles since the 15th century. In ancient times, it was offered as a gift to the shogun. Nowadays, while preserving the quality of traditional techniques, new dyeing and finishing techniques have been introduced, and with even higher quality designs, the region continues to produce high quality hemp fabrics that represent the modern age.




This thin type of quilt is called “Hadakake”.
“Hadakake” stands for “cover the skin” in Japanese. This our artisan made quilt is thinner and lighter than the standard kake futon.

In Japan, this is usually used to adjust the temperature in your futon or bed when the season is changing from spring to summer, summer to autumn. It is when standard kake futon is too hot to sleep, but summer blanket is too cold. You can also use this when your bed room is too cold because of the air conditioner in summer time. 


The cool feel of hemp will lead you to a good night’s sleep. It is highly breathable and creates a refreshingly cool environment that does not trap heat. Quickly absorbs and dissipates perspiration.



The surface fabric that directly touches the skin and the padding are all made of natural hemp. No chemical fibers are used, so it is gentle to the body and safe.




the loops on 4 corners to hold the cover in place


Shrinkage processing has been applied to reduce the contact area with the skin to about one-third.


Washable at home – Wash under low flow of water and wring gently. Dry in shade, not in a dryer.
You can always keep it clean.




japanese linen kakufuton


japanese linen kakufuton










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Dimensões (C x L x A) 78.7 × 59.0 in

Beige, Blue

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