Japanese Futon Mattress Topper, Artisan Handmade 30% Thinner (Organic or Non-Organic)




Organic Topper
Fabric : Organic Cotton 100 %  (unbleached, undyed)
Filling : Organic Cotton 100 %

Non-organic Topper
Fabric : Cotton 100 %  (unbleached, undyed)
Filling : Natural Cotton 100 % (non-organic)

The pictures here are of non-organic version. But there isn’t much of difference in the appearance between them.


This futon topper is 30% thinner than our other standard futon mattresses. Other than difference of the quantity of the cotton filling, making process and the style are the same as our other standard futon mattresses.

We made this futon topper for the extra softness for your comfortable sleep.

If you think your futon mattress might be too firm (or it’s been getting too firm, it happens after long time use), you can just add this futon topper on it and add extra softness. Or if you prefer firmer mattress, you can sleep on this futon topper alone.

In case two people are sharing the futon, you can customize the thickness to the preference of each person by layering this on one side. It’s also great for placing on an air mattress for your guests. Like our other futon mattress, this futon topper is breathable and bring a natural touch. It’s ideal to cover the PVC top.  It also gives air bed the good support. You can provide sound sleeping time to your guests.


For covering, the covers for standard shiki futon mattress can be used for this futon topper.









*Fabric (You can choose organic or not organic )


Organic one or not organic, both types are bleach and dye free to be more gentle on the skin and the environment.
This is the very color of the cotton, the original material.
Sometimes you can see the tiny brown dots which are the parts of cotton. They are harmless to human body.



* Filling (You can choose organic or not organic )

Organic Cotton Filling









japanease futon sikifuton japanease futon japanease futon




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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 78.74 × 39.37 × 2.64 in

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Organic or Non-organic

Organic, Non-organic

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