Japanese Futon Mattress, Artisan Handmade (Fabric: Sakura Pattern, Filling: Organic Cotton 100%)





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*Sky Blue and Navy Only (other colors are out of production)
These fabric are no longer in production. There is no plan to restock after sold out.

Fabric : Cotton 100%  Sakura Pattern  rough texture

Filling : Organic Cotton 100%

Organic cotton used for this item is certified by CONTROL UNION on the basis of GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD).








*Closer look at the fabric

This fabric is thick and substantial compared with other futon fabric. Sakura is one of the most popular flower of Japan. You might feel as if sleeping on a fluffy flower mattress in spring.




*Organic Cotton Filling

Organic Desi cotton produced in India
Processed at our factory in Tokyo

Desi cotton is indigenous cotton that is strong and resilient.
Due to large dependent on genetically modified cotton, it has been alarmingly reduced.
Desi is the precious variety that we need to rescue.


Characteristics of organic cotton
Organic cotton is produced using organic methods without using agricultural chemicals or artificial fertilizers, and grown on land where chemicals have not been used for three years or more. Instead of using pesticides, noxious insects are removed by introducing their natural predators.
As the cotton is grown using safe methods, it does not irritate the skin, and can be safely used by small children and people with sensitive skins. Natural cotton has the natural elasticity. It can create suitable hardness for sleeping.
Sleeping on a natural cotton futon mattress will help to align your head, neck, and spine and helps you maintain a good posture.

OEKO-TEX certifiedOur cotton filling has received OEKO-TEX® certification.
OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is the world's highest level of certification for safe textile products, which is only given to products that have passed strict analytical tests covering more than 350 hazardous chemical substances. It is a globally recognized safety standard in the textile business that goes far beyond Japanese safety standards, including certification of sustainable factories that take into consideration the impact on the people involved in production and the environment. The more we seek functionality and convenience, including cost and time savings, the greater the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals. This certificate is an expression of our manufacturing stance against such hazards.
Since its inception in 1992, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification has been awarded more than 200,000 times, and demand for this certification continues to grow worldwide.

Video of Cotton Carding




To select the correct futon size

Please note that what we show on our site is the size of the futon fabric. If it is filled with cotton, it will be about 4 inches (10 cm) shorter in length and width.


Example : Futon Mattress - Single 78” x 39” (200 x 100 cm) will be 74" x 35" (190 x 90 cm) when you receive.

japanese futon size

If you are planning to place the futon mattress on your bed, and want to fit them perfectly, please be aware of it and select carefully.

All sizes are approximate.



thickness of futon


Shiki Futon (Futon Mattress) at the time of delivery is very fluffy and voluminous, measuring over 4” (10 cm) in the thickest center position but after about one week of usage the fluffiness will begin to settle, and the mattress will transform into a stiffer, denser futon. After about two to three months of use, the cotton padding becomes even thinner (more constricted) and the futon will become about half of its original thickness. Although the volume decreases, the cotton fiber's "support features" become activated and the futon becomes a mattress that will support your proper sleeping posture.


How to care  (a new window of pdf file will open)


any question about futon


How We Make Futon





futon tokyo our policy We source quality raw cotton from India. Classic, heavy-duty machines, which have been used for over three generations, get rid of cotton chips and make the cotton suitable as futon filling. We sterilize cotton by heat. We don't use any chemical material in any of our processes.

futon tokyo our policy

Many kinds of cotton fabrics are in stock to meet customers’ various demands. Our skilled artisans finish more than 15 futon mattresses per day when it‘s busy. The products are then shipped to the world from our office on the lower floor of the factory. Our making process is minimal and productive at the same time. We can cut the costs of the middleman and transportation. That’s why we can offer quality products at a fair price.


futon tokyo our policy


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Futon Tokyo
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by hippi0405 on Mar 30, 2022

Best purchase I’ve ever made 🇯🇵🎉 I can sleep more, my cat and I love this item so much Feel the love when you open them, you can charge your energy when you sleep, such a great quality hand made item 🤝✨ I’m Japanese, I been sleeping with futon for my entire life ( also mattress too 😉) This item bring you different world of sleep ✨ If you wanna experience the Japanese art of sleep, you should get them ❤️

 by Brandi
Best purchase we've ever made

My fiancé and I each got a "single long" futon (for easier movability when camping/visiting relatives) the first week was certainly an adjustment from traditional western style mattresses, but since getting them in October (as I write this it's the end of June) out sleeps have been amazing. We're no longer relying on artificial cushioning and actually having our bodies relax before falling sleep. Again, it was definitly an adjustment, it was hard the first week, but after about a week or two it was like sleeping on any other "stiff" mattress. Best decision we've made. We'll never go back <3 love from Canada

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Weight 16.54 lbs
Dimensions 78.74 × 39.37 × 3.94 in

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Fabric Pattern


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