Japanese Futon Mattress, Artisan Handmade (Fabric: Enshu Weaving with Sashiko Embroidery Filling: Organic Cotton 100%,) NAVY




Fabric : Cotton 100 %  (Japanese Enshu Tsumugi with sashiko embroidery)

Filling : Organic Indian Cotton 100 %

Organic cotton used for this item is certified by CONTROL UNION on the basis of GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD).


*Detail of Fabric

Enshu-Tsumugi is one of the weaving that was originated in the Edo Era and passed down to the Enshu region in Shizuoka. There were many professional weaver in that region because it was one of a three main production area of quality cotton in Japan. In 80’s, the growing shift of fabric production overseas resulted as the decline of Enshu-Tsumugi. However there are still many wavers who are devoted to the tradition and making effort for the improvement of the quality of this precious fabric with deep affection. There always have been the reliability from the customers.

Enshu-Tsumugi’s specialty is “The warmth of craftsmen”. From spinning to weaving, all processes need manual works by the skilled craftsmen. It’s widely used for general garment like kimono and bags and delight our daily life.





Sashiko embroidery was used to strengthen the homespun clothes in the old time, though today we enjoy it as a design. You can achieve delightful visual of stitches and tactile effects of pure cotton. The simple patterns of sashiko has the rustic style and at the same time, has the elegance of understated beauty. They’ll be a wonderful addition to your home decor.



*Detail of Filling



Organic cotton used for this item is certified by CONTROL UNION on the basis of GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD).







*How to Make

japanease futon sikifuton japanease futon japanease futon







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Futon Tokyo
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by Yang Lin on Futon Tokyo
Quality product

I am 168-169cm and I weigh about 62-63kg.

I purchased a double sized futon, upon delivery the mattress was very thick and soft!

when compacts the mattress is still able to support your body enough that you wont feel your bones straining to support you and it cushions very effectively. It is highly recommended that you also purchase the Rush grass tatami mattress to go with this product, I ended up getting a mattress pad to feel as comfortable as a regular bed. (I sleep on my side, my hip bone and rib cage rest very comfortably on this mattress, I don't feel the floor)

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Dimensões (C x L x A) 3.94 in

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