Hanten Jacket – Padded Jacket – “Aichou” Red Oshima



Fabric (inner/outer) : Cotton 100%

Filling : Cotton 80%, Polyester 20%    Washable at home

Unisex size : M-L, 2L, 3L (size chart is on the bottom of this page)

Two side pockets


Hanten and Yakko are seasonal item. These are available in autumn and winter in Japan.


Japanese hanten jacket redkimono jacket




japanese padded kimono coat








japanese kimono jacket


hanten length


hanten jacket size

All sizes and weights are approximate.


japanese shimagara fabric


This item is produced by Miyata Orimono


One weave, one stitch, with love.

Miyata Orimono was founded in 1913 in Chikugo City, Fukuoka Prefecture, the home of Kurume Kasuri textile.
Miyata Orimono conducts everything from fabric weaving to design and sewing in-house.

The company celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding in April 2013, and continues to work hard at "Japanese way of manufacturing" today.
Thinking of the smiling faces of our customers who wear our products.

miyata orimono



How to care hanten (padded clothes)

Hanten has cotton filling like futons, it get fluffy by sun and doesn't like humidity.


Normal Care
About once every two to three weeks, turn it inside out and dry it in the sun for about one to two hours.
This will make it fluffy again. This will also prevent the cotton fibers from breaking.

What should I do if the fiber of the cotton filling comes out?
Use scissors to cut the fibers that appear on the surface, and pull only the outer fabric by hand to separate it from the cotton inside. Since we use high quality long-fiber cotton, there are rare cases where the cotton may come to the surface due to rubbing when worn.


Washing instructions 
Wash it once in every season. First, check the quality label and washing instructions on the product.
Fold it softly and wash it by hand (push-wash). 
If you want to spin dry in the washing machine, fold it neatly and put it in a laundry net, the shorter spinning time is preferred.
Stretch out the wrinkles and hang them out to dry, avoiding direct sunlight.

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 by Lucy (review on Etsy)

Perfect! Ideal! Cushy, warm, and breathable! The mixed-berry color of the stripes looks just as good in person. Also, the seller was SUPER professional about making sure I knew what to do if the things I ordered got held up in the shipping process, which was great for my peace of mind. (My order actually arrived really fast & without incident, but even if it hadn't, I wouldn't have been confused or anxious, which is awesome.)


重量 3 磅

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