Futon Starter Set – 4 items in Single size – An Organic Mattress, A Fold Type Tatami, Two Organic Futon Covers



Futon Starter Set – 4 items in Single size – An Organic Mattress, A Fold Type Tatami, Two Organic Futon Covers


production time 2 to 3 weeks
Our futons are made to order, so production takes time.



This is a futon starter set. It includes our top seller items, an organic futon mattress, a fold type tatami mattress and two organic cotton futon covers.

With a pillow and blanket that you already have, you can start the futon life on the night you received these items!

We are offering discount for this set, this price is more reasonable than ordering them separately (about 7% cheaper). Since this is a specially priced product, we cannot change just part of the set contents. (For example, changing the design of the futon or cover)




futon starter set organic


1. Futon mattress made of organic cotton   (the filling and the fabric are both organic cotton) – Single size
Fabric size 78.7 x 39.4 in / 200 × 100 cm
Finished size 74.7 x 35.4 in / 190 x 90 cm
Thickness when it’s new Over 4 in / 10 cm
(all measurements are approximate)







Certified Organic Cotton

Organic cotton, the raw material used for the filling, is grown by the bioRe Project(*1), a social project in India, and is grown organically, without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

This project not only reduces environmental impact but also ensures socially fair production. In addition, it has been inspected and certified by a third-party certification organization based on strict standards that cover everything from the fields to the spinning process.

Also, we at Futon Tokyo do not use any chemicals in the process of turning raw cotton into cotton filling. The safety of our work process is certified by OEKO-TEX(*2). This certification is given only to products that have passed the world's strictest inspection standards and are recognized as safe. The most strict of these requirements, Class 1, was obtained in 2023.


The bioRe Project (*1)

The bioRe project was initiated by the Swiss company Remei in India in 1991 and in Tanzania in 1994. It is a social project initiated for sustainable organic cotton production. The project is not just about buying cotton from the farmers, but also about making products that are environmentally friendly and socially fair in all processes, from training in organic farming to the final product, so that the people living in this region can become self-reliant.

The project's activities are also multifaceted, including education for children, infrastructure development for medical care and water sources, financial assistance for farmers, and support for women to become self-reliant. It is known as one of the largest and most advanced projects of its kind in the world.

In 2002, in recognition of these achievements, the United Nations awarded this project the "Sustainable Development Partnership Award" at the 2nd World Environment Summit held in Johannesburg, the capital of the Republic of South Africa.


OEKO-TEX® (*2)

We are the first in Japan to receive a certification from OEKO-TEX in the futon manufacturing field. This certificate expresses our craftsmanship and commitment to safety.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is the world's highest level of certification for safe textile products, which is only given to products that have passed strict analytical tests covering more than 350 hazardous chemical substances.  It is a globally recognized safety standard in the textile business that goes far beyond Japanese safety standards, including certification of sustainable factories that take into consideration the impact on the people involved in production and the environment. 
Since its inception in 1992, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification has been awarded more than 200,000 times, and demand for this certification continues to grow worldwide.

Video of Cotton Carding



To know more, check this item page.



2. Rush Grass Tatami Mattress – Foldable Type Single size  200 x 100cm

This unit tatami mat can be used as a mattress. The mat has been designed to perfectly match the size of futon mattresses, allowing you to easily lay out your futon on top of it. After putting away your futon, the mat can also be used to transform your space into a simple Japanese style room or into a play space for children. The mat’s igusa straw offers many benefits, including a natural air purifying effect as well as humidity control. The mat also controls the humidity underneath the futon. Spread it out underneath your futon for extra comfort without unwanted stuffiness.




To know more, check this item page.


3. Japanese Shiki Futon (Futon Mattress) Cover Organic Cotton Light Beige -Single size  2pcs

We recommend to cover the futon mattress to protect it and keep it hygiene. 




futon starter set organic




To know more, check this item page.


Buckwheat Pillow Option
The set of buckwheat pillows can be added as an option.
This set includes a buckwheat pillow, 2 organic pillow cases, and an azuma bag made of futon fabric. You can choose either small or large size. You can save the cost compared to buying them separately. Please see the item page for details. 


organic buckwheat pillow soba hulls pillow futon tokyo








To select the correct futon size

Please note that what we show on our site is the size of the futon fabric. If it is filled with cotton, it will be about 4 inches (10 cm) shorter in length and width.


Example : Futon Mattress - Single 78” x 39” (200 x 100 cm) will be 74" x 35" (190 x 90 cm) when you receive.

japanese futon size

If you are planning to place the futon mattress on your bed, and want to fit them perfectly, please be aware of it and select carefully.


In Inches


In Centimeters

All sizes are approximate.



thickness of futon


Shiki Futon (Futon Mattress) at the time of delivery is very fluffy and voluminous, measuring over 4” (10 cm) in the thickest center position but after about one week of usage the fluffiness will begin to settle, and the mattress will transform into a stiffer, denser futon. After about two to three months of use, the cotton padding becomes even thinner (more constricted) and the futon will become about half of its original thickness. Although the volume decreases, the cotton fiber's "support features" become activated and the futon becomes a mattress that will support your proper sleeping posture.


How to care  (a new window of pdf file will open)


any question about futon



How We Make Futon



futon tokyo our policy We source quality raw cotton from India. Classic, heavy-duty machines, which have been used for over three generations, get rid of cotton chips and make the cotton suitable as futon filling. We sterilize cotton by heat. We don't use any chemical material in any of our processes.

futon tokyo our policy

Many kinds of cotton fabrics are in stock to meet customers’ various demands. Our skilled artisans finish more than 15 futon mattresses per day when it‘s busy. The products are then shipped to the world from our office on the lower floor of the factory. Our making process is minimal and productive at the same time. We can cut the costs of the middleman and transportation. That’s why we can offer quality products at a fair price.


futon tokyo our policy



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Futon Tokyo
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by CY

We purchased 2 x Shikibuton's last month and it has transformed our nights sleep. We could not find the quality locally in Singapore, and therefore absolutely pleased to discover FutonTokyo direct. So pleased, we have thrown all our western mattresses and purchased two starter kits. The customer service, from enquiry to delivery has been absolutely fabulous. I would highly recommend the high-end, luxury product with the finest of materials (quality is evident) and for a great customer experience - very trustworthy, responsive, speedy delivery and very professional. Thank you Mori

 by Sandy

The order/delivery/and quality is amazing & magical! Will order from here again! I recently moved into a new apartment and quickly realized (having to shop around for new home stuff) how cheap and toxic everything is made--I've had to return so many synthetic items because it smelled chemically or had a grimy residue. In fact, that's how I came about looking into Japanese futon--the bedframe I had ordered had such bad off-gassing it was irritating my throat! To have found an established, authentic Japanese shop that specialized in organic** materials was a godsend, and one that came with a complete "set" + free shipping was super convenient! As others noted there is a strong (but pleasant) grassy/hay smell from the tatami mat, but I (scent-sensitive) liked it!

 by Kelsey 

Item as described, authentic just like when I lived in Japan. Love this item and great communication in terms of shipping and what to expect. Thank you!! Love my futon amazing quality and craftsmanship

 by Elizabeth

"I’ve been sleeping on the futon for awhile now and I really enjoy it! I was quite afraid at first because of the huge transition from a mattress to a futon but I must say, I really enjoy the futon for it’s support (possibly even more than the mattress). I can already feel a difference in my posture after sleeping  on the futon for a few nights. 

I also enjoy the experience of keeping my bed every day so it’s out of sight out of mind (meaning I won’t find myself going back to sleep in the middle of the day which is good). The thin quilt is also so amazingly soft and not too hot for Singapore’s weather. The tatami is also pretty comfortable to lie on even without the futon. 

I’m also very grateful for the staff at Futon Tokyo who are so helpful and patient in addressing my queries about using their products. 

Thank you Futon Tokyo for the amazing futon and service! "

 by Sylvia

"I have always been sleeping on a Western bed and had many concerns about switching to a futon mattress. However, I am glad to have made the switch when I moved into a new flat recently.
Not only was the futon soft and fluffy, it provided ample support for my back and kept me dry throughout the night despite the humid weather in Singapore. It also folds nicely along with the tatami when not in use, which makes it compact and portable.
Thank you, Futon Tokyo, for the fabulous futon and lovely service!"

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Weight 35.2 lbs
Dimensions 74.8 × 35 × 3.94 in
Add a gift bag of buckwheat pillow

none, one bag of small pillow, one bag of large pillow

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