Futon Starter Set – 4 items in Single Long size – An Organic Mattress, A Fold Type Tatami, Two Unbleached Futon Covers



This is a futon starter set. It includes our top seller items, an organic futon mattress, a fold type tatami mattress and two unbleached cotton futon covers.

With a pillow, sheet and blanket that you already have, you can start the futon life on the night you received these items!

We offer 5% discount for this set, it’s more reasonable than ordering them separately .



1. Futon mattress made of organic cotton   (the filling and the fabric are both organic cotton) – Single Long size

Organic cotton used for this item is certified by CONTROL UNION on the basis of GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD).






To know more, check this item page.


2. Rush grass mattress – Foldable type – Single Long size

This unit tatami mat can be used as a mattress. The mat has been designed to perfectly match the size of futon mattresses, allowing you to easily lay out your futon on top of it. After putting away your futon, the mat can also be used to transform your space into a simple Japanese style room or into a play space for children. The mat’s igusa straw offers many benefits, including a natural air purifying effect as well as humidity control. The mat also controls the humidity underneath the futon. Spread it out underneath your futon for extra comfort without unwanted stuffiness.


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3. Japanese Shiki Futon (Futon Mattress) Cover Unbleached Cotton – Single Long  2pcs

We recommend to cover the futon mattress to protect it and keep it hygiene. 





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japanease futon sikifuton japanease futon japanease futon










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