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Linen 100% 
Made in Kyoto, Japan 

*This product cannot be cancelled once we start production.

Luxurious French linen is woven with 60 fine count yarn. It is the highest quality fabric in our cover lineup. The Cool Crush process, in which the fabrics are gently tapped to loosen each other, gives the fabrics a soft and fluffy texture and feel that is hard to believe that they are linen.


生地アップ画像Natural Over-Dyeing
While it is common to dye bleached fabrics, this Kyo Hanna Linen is dyed by natural over-dyeing.
This is a method of dyeing without bleaching, which produces a deep color like that of natural herb-dyed fabrics.

The “Yukinoshita” (No. 25001) and “Ecru” (No. 25002) are not dyed at all.


The color of linen, which is obtained from the raw material flax, changes slightly each year depending on the climate and geological conditions. “Natural over-dyeing” dyes over the color of the raw material itself, so the color is affected by the color of the raw material. It is very difficult to produce exactly the same color each time, and subtle variations in color occur. The next time you buy it, the color may be slightly different. For this reason, we recommend this product to those who can enjoy the natural fluctuation.


Kyo Hanana Linen Composition 
 Composition : 100% linen
 Weight : 850g (*Single Long quilt cover)
 Weave/processing : Plain weave
 Yarn count: 60
 Number of threads: 114

If you would like to customize the size, please order here.





25001 Yukinoshita white

 25002 Kinari Ecru


25003 Wild Sakura


25004 Aitetsu Iron Blue

25005 Tobicha Brown


25006 Hainezu Gray






Care Instructions
To maintain durability, it is recommended to wash the quilt inside out and put it in a net to avoid damage to the fabric.
Do not tumble dry or bleach with chlorine bleach.
After washing, shape the garment and hang dry in the shade.

Made to fit to standard Japanese shiki futon (mattress) sizes.
To ensure the proper look and fit for your shiki futon (mattress), be sure to measure your quilt before ordering. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us to ask.

This product is made from French linen and is registered under the trademark “NIPPON LINEN” (® Teikoku Senbai), which certifies that all weaving, dyeing and finishing are done in Japan.






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