Enshu Weave Textile Pillow Case Envelope Type Cotton Ramie Mix Beige


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Enshu Weave Textile
Cotton 75 % Ramie 25%  

A cotton/ramie blend is woven into a crinkled fabric with a three-dimensional effect.
The weft is made of “high-twisted yarn”, which is woven in the warp direction.
This fabric is durable, highly absorbent and breathable, light and cool, with the respective characteristics of cotton and ramie.
The fabric is light and cool and does not stick to the skin.

Large  16.9″ x 36.6″ / 43 x 93 cm (For pillow  16.9″ x 24.8″ / 43 x 63 cm) 
Small  13.7″ x 33.4″ / 35 x 85 cm  (For pillow 13.7″ x 19.6″  / 35 x 50 cm)

Made in Japan

This item is only a cover.
Pillow is not included.









How to Use “Envelope Type” Pillow Case

Insert the excess fabric inside and spread it out with both hands. Use the pillow with the one with the excess fabric down.
organic buckwheat pillow cover envelope type



These pictures show our buckwheat hull pillows used inside.


This plain weave fabric has an elongated vertical crinkle surface. It is a type of crepe fabric.

The warp is made of non-twisted yarn and the weft of high-twisted yarn is made of Z-twist or S-twist yarn, then woven plain and refined. The weft is then pulled back to its original position, causing the cloth to shrink in the warp direction and a crinkling effect to appear.
This structure reduces the surface in contact with the skin and prevents the fabric from sticking to the skin. It is also highly water-absorbent and quick-drying, and because it is well-ventilated, it keeps you dry and comfortable even in humid summer weather.
Not only can you enjoy this crinkle as part of a cool and fresh design, but you don’t have to worry about wrinkling when washing.

This fabric is perfect for the hot and humid Japanese summer and Singapore climate.





Manufacturer of the Fabric

Enshu-Tsumugi is one of the weaving that were originated in the Edo Era and passed down to the Enshu region in Shizuoka. There were many professional weaver in that region because it was one of a three main production area of quality cotton in Japan. In 80’s, the growing shift of fabric production overseas resulted as the decline of Enshu-Tsumugi. However there are still many wavers who are devoted to the tradition and making effort for the improvement of the quality of this precious fabric with deep affection. There always have been the reliability from the customers.

Enshu-Tsumugi’s specialty is “The warmth of craftsmen”. From spinning to weaving, all processes need manual works by the skilled craftsmen. It’s widely used for general garment like kimono and bags and delight our daily life.


Among Enshu Tsumugi, of which the number of producers is decreasing year by year, the fabric for our item is produced by Shinchi Orimono.
Their single loom weaves only about 50 meters per day, depending on the weaving design. This is because the weaving speed is purposely kept at about one-half the normal speed to prevent the fabric from being overstretched. Thanks to this, the fabric retains its charming soft texture.
Because yarn-dyed yarns of various thicknesses are used, the expression of the weave is very three-dimensional and has a rich depth. Its shading gives it a unique beauty. Fine patterns are woven as if by magic, which is the result of meticulous calculation. The blueprints of some designs exist only in the mind of a artisan who has been working with the craft for many years.
Their fabrics frequently appear in the collections of foreign brands as well as in the traditional Japanese wear industry.











Informação adicional

Peso 0.6 lbs
Pillow case size


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