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Size: Approx. 27.5″ x 27.5″  / 70 x 70 cm (thickness: 0.6″ / 1.7 cm)
Color Beige/Black/Brown/Charcoal gray/Dark green/Gray/Light green/Red
Top : Rush Grass (produced in Kyushu area Japan) 
Inner material : Urethane 15mm
Made in Japan 


It has a clean design with no edges. It fits in well with any interior style.

The color of the carpet is an important factor in determining the atmosphere of a room. It’s nice to have a choice.




japanese tatami mat



japanese tatami mat



japanese tatami mat



japanese tatami mat

Charcoal gray


japanese tatami mat



japanese tatami mat

Dark Green


japanese tatami mat

Light Green


japanese tatami red




Example of usejapanese tatami mat

japanese tatami mat


japanese tatami mat


japanese tatami mat





For your room planning

japanese tatami mat and futon



Simply place the delivered unit tatami mats on the floor to create a space with a distinct Japanese atmosphere. The outside is made of Japanese rush grass (from Kyushu). The grass is thick, while the fibers are fine and elastic, which contribute to the toughness of the material. Rush grass is known to naturally purify air and control humidity. It is also strong against soiling, and turns golden yellow with extended use, for a more refined look. The mat is filled with 10mm of low rebound urethane foam and 12mm of felt material, which make it soft, thick, and fluffy. The low rebound urethane foam has a pleasant softness that is comparable to marshmallows and mochi rice cakes. It is also superb in absorbing shock, and dispersing energy and pressure. Certified with an excellent LL30 sound-insulating rating, it can effectively reduce the noise sent downstairs. The product is also lightweight, making it ideal for carrying, installing, and storing. By using the connecting joints, you can easily put together multiple mats according to the size of your room.

-Caution in use

*The connecting fitting is made of soft material, but please note that there is a possibility that you will damage the floor if you rub the parts to joint against the floor.

Place of production Japan
Product material Mat surface : Rush grass * Standard weave
Core material : Low rebound urethane foam: 10mm + Felt: 12mm
Reverse : with joints








For customers residing in Japan
Due to the large size of this product, it cannot be shipped by Japan Post. This product is too large to be delivered by Japan Post, so it will be delivered by Sagawa Express. There will be an additional charge of about 4.5 thousand yen per case, depending on the number of sheets. You can also come and pick it up by yourself during our business hours.


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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 27.5 × 27.5 × 0.6 in

Charcoal gray, Dark green, Light Green, Beige, Red, Brown, Gray, Black