Artisan handmade (Using natural cotton 100%): Egyptian cotton fabric Futon mattress


Filling is a single-size mattress of authentic tailor made by craftsmen who used 100% limited Assam cotton of natural materials.
In addition, assam cotton wrapping fabric is using Egyptian super long cotton fabric.

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What is Egyptian cotton?

Cottton produced in the fertile Nile basin
It has been regarded as one of the finest cotton in the world because it is long and thin one by one, and has high strength.
Among them, we use ultra fine thread No. 80 thread and it has a touch like silk.

It is necessary for cloth wrapping cotton of futon
It has characteristics such as good touch, lightness, fit, breathability, quickness of drying.

Single 103cm x 200cm
Long 103cm x 210cm
Ex Long 103cm x 220cm
* It is the size of the fabric before putting cotton. The fabric size after putting in cotton is shortened by about 10 cm only by the amount of cotton swell.

Single Assam cotton 100% 6kg
Long Assam cotton 100% 7kg
Ex Long Assam cotton 100% 7kg

Outer fabric:
Egyptian cotton 100%

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Weight 16.54 lbs
Dimensions 78.74 x 39.37 x 2.76 in

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