Japanese Futon Mattress, Artisan Handmade (Fabric: Organic Cotton, Filling: Organic Cotton 100%)




Futon mattress made of organic cotton

(the filling and the fabric are both organic cotton)

Organic cotton used for this item is certified by CONTROL UNION on the basis of GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD).





size comparison – single and double



*The fabricsikibuton








To select the correct futon size

Please note that what we show on our site is the size of the futon fabric. If it is filled with cotton, it will be about 4 inches (10 cm) shorter in length and width.


Example : Futon Mattress - Single 78” x 39” (200 x 100 cm) will be 74" x 35" (190 x 90 cm) when you receive.

japanese futon size

If you are planning to place the futon mattress on your bed, and want to fit them perfectly, please be aware of it and select carefully.


Measurement in inches


Measurement in cm


thickness of futon


Shiki Futon (Futon Mattress) at the time of delivery is very fluffy and voluminous, measuring over 4” (10 cm) in the thickest center position but after about one week of usage the fluffiness will begin to settle, and the mattress will transform into a stiffer, denser futon. After about two to three months of use, the cotton padding becomes even thinner (more constricted) and the futon will become about half of its original thickness. Although the volume decreases, the cotton fiber's "support features" become activated and the futon becomes a mattress that will support your proper sleeping posture.


How to care  (a new window of pdf file will open)


any question about futon



How We Make Futon



futon tokyo our policy We source quality raw cotton from India. Classic, heavy-duty machines, which have been used for over three generations, get rid of cotton chips and make the cotton suitable as futon filling. We sterilize cotton by heat. We don't use any chemical material in any of our processes.

futon tokyo our policy

Many kinds of cotton fabrics are in stock to meet customers’ various demands. Our skilled artisans finish more than 15 futon mattresses per day when it‘s busy. The products are then shipped to the world from our office on the lower floor of the factory. Our making process is minimal and productive at the same time. We can cut the costs of the middleman and transportation. That’s why we can offer quality products at a fair price.


futon tokyo our policy




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Futon Tokyo
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 5 reviews
 by S.

Love my new futon and futon cover. Excellent quality and so comfortable. Thank you!

(A review on our Etsy store for the same product)

 by z2lnjzcb (a review for the same item on Etsy)

The mattress was made to the size of my bed and shipped real fast. Thank you for providing us with an organic, all cotton option.

 by Jodi (a review for the same item on Etsy)

Absolutely fantastic quality. Couldn't be happier!

 by Heather (a review for the same item on Etsy)

We absolutely love the futon we purchased! It is such a beautifully made item... we now plan to purchase two more, we love them so much! Many many thanks!

 by Rosalie (a review for the same item on Etsy)

I got this in the undyed, natural color and it is so beautiful and so comfortable. I was confused at first about the sizing, as the sizes are in Japanese style, meaning the dimensions are of the fabric, not of the mattress. So the sizes are standard Japanese sizes rather than standard American sizes. Kazuta answered my questions and helped me choose the mattress that is the size to fit my bed and it is perfect. Kazuta was so nice and helpful, and the mattress was made and sent very quickly. I definitely would buy from them again and I am very happy to have an authentic Japanese futon mattress that is made of organic materials. Wow!

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