Adjustable height Hinoki Wood Cubes Pillow Large 1350g


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Japanese Cypress wood cubes pillow Large 1350

This pillow is made of  tiny wood cubes.
Hinoki (Japanese cypress) from Kochi Prefecture has long been famous in Japan. 

Its fresh, woody aroma is said to be relaxing and effective for sleep.
This pillow is perfect for those who love natural materials.

Set Contents

Hinoki Japanese Cypress pillow  1 piece
(Japanese Enshu Weave )Cotton Pillow Sleeve Envelope Type 1 piece
Futon Tokyo cotton Gift Bag (The patterns and colors are chosen at random.)


Large Size 2  : W4.7″ x L12.2 x H3.9″ (12 x 31 x 10 cm)
Fabric : Cotton 100%   
Filling : Hinoki Japanese cypress 100% 

  <Wide variety of colors>


<Choice of your Favorite Fabric>

You can choose the color of each pillow case and pillow sleeve. Please find your favorite combination.
However, the color of the horizontal cord is random.

1.  Pillow Case

2. Pillow Sleeve

Enshu-Tsumugi is one of the weaving that were originated in the Edo Era and passed down to the Enshu region in Shizuoka.

Enshu-Tsumugi’s specialty is “The warmth of craftsmen”. From spinning to weaving, all processes need manual works by the skilled craftsmen. It’s widely used for general garment like kimono and bags and delight our daily life.




< The features >

  (1) Smooth  fabric pillow case and sleeve are made of 100% cotton.
        The pillow sleeve are easy to put on and take off and can be washed afterwards to keep them clean.

  (2) The inside material is made of breathable Kochi cypress wood cubes.

  (3) It has antibacterial and deodorizing effects, and suppresses  pillow odor.

  (4) Highly hygroscopic, absorbs moisture caused  by perspiration, and promotes comfortable sleep.

  (5) Adjustable the height This pillow has a hinoki wood cube outlet.
        The height can be adjusted according to the amount of those wood cubes.

  (6) It includes cords on the left and right sides which allow you to adjust the height.
        If you tie the cords tightly, it turns into a higher pillow.
        And while if you tie the cords loosely, it turns into a lower pillow, so it’s convenient.
        It’s slightly small in size, so if you untie the side cords, you can also use it as a child’s pillow.


Hinoki contains cypress oil. The component of the cypress oil is said to have the effect of making the parasympathetic nervous system dominant. Hinoki has a refreshing woody aroma as if you are taking a forest bath.

Data show that alpha-pinene, the main component of this fragrance, makes the parasympathetic nervous system dominant. Thus, it calms the mind and relaxes the body, which can be expected to have a high sleep effect.

In particular, hinoki from Kochi contains more alpha-pinene than other regions.




< How to care >

Hinoki pillows can be used for a long time with regular care.

Although the pillows cannot be washed in water, the natural insecticide and antibacterial properties of hinoki make them very easy to care for.


-. Pillow sleeve and pillowcases are washable, however, the wood cubes cannot be washed in water.

-. It is highly recommended to remove the pillow sleeve  or case from the hinoki wood cubes and air dry it in the shade for one full day in a well-ventilated place. Turning the pillow over periodically will allow the moisture absorbed by the chips to be fully released. (You can also dry them in the sun for short periods of time). A good rule of thumb is to do this once or twice a week in the summer and once or twice a month in the winter.

-. Wood cubes should not be washed in water. It will accelerate deterioration. Also, the essential oil, which is the source of the fragrance, will be lost. The natural ingredients contained in hinoki allow for hygienic use.

-. For long-term storage, it is recommended that the product be stored in a cool, dark, and airtight place.


< Caution in use >

-. Because hinoki is a natural material, the essential oil components of hinoki may seep through to the surface when exposed to direct sunlight or placed in high room temperatures.

-.  The essential oil that is the source of the fragrance is gradually released.
Even if the scent is no longer felt from the hinoki pillow, the effect of the essential oil is still being released. If you wish to enjoy the fragrance for a longer period of time, please add natural hinoki oil. Since the natural oil has a strong fragrance, 2 to 3 drops per application is sufficient. After applying the oil, rub it well and blend it into the pillow.

-.  Hinoki wood may discolor or chip over time. Such cubes should be removed and disposed of as combustible waste. Additional filling (sold separately) can be replenished for a fresh hinoki pillow.


< About place of manufacture >

Although Kochi Prefecture has an image of seas and rivers, it is one of the most forested prefectures in Japan, with 84% of its land area covered by forests.
This abundance of forests nurtures the clear streams of the Shimanto and Niyodo Rivers, and produces a rich natural environment and its bounty.








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 by Rebecca

Very well made pillow and quick shipping.

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Fast delivery, pillow was super


重量 3.2 磅
尺寸 4.7 × 12.2 × 3.9 英吋
Pillow Case (Body)

Brown, Navy, Red, Yellow, Straw, Purple

Pillow Sleeve

Mixed Blue, White, Navy, Koushi, WARABE (Red), WARABE (Blue), WARABE (Musterd), WARABE (Green)