Extra Cotton Filling Ticket for Futon Mattress 0.66lb (0.3kg)



We’ll add 0.66 lb (0.3 kg) of organic cotton filling to your futon mattress per one ticket. The cotton types will be based on the type of cotton filling of futon mattress that you purchased.

The Maximum possible amount
Single, Long, Semi Double, Double  Up to 4 tickets  (2.64 lb / 1.2 kg) 
*It is not possible to add cotton to a Queen size futon. Because it is too big for us to pack/deliver.

If it’s more than these numbers, the futon mattress will be too round and not very comfortable to sleep on.

*Please put it in your cart with a futon mattress. It can not be purchased alone.
*If you are ordering more than one futon at the same time, please leave a comment telling us which futon you would like to add the cotton to. If you do not specify, we will divide this extra cotton evenly among the mattresses you ordered.


Informação adicional

Peso 0.66 lbs

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