Influence of COVID-19 and current international situation

Last Updated on June, 2023


1. Production

We are a small company with a small factory. We have about 10 employees, from customer service to futon craftsmen, and we handle domestic and international orders on this scale.
Therefore, the number of days it takes to ship an order depends on how busy the order is at the time. When orders are busy, it may take up to a month to ship.  (Average time from order date to departure from Japan is about 10 days)
We appreciate your understanding.


2. Shipping Restriction

We can now ship to most countries. Please click here for details – Japan Post site.


3. After Ordering – Please Check Your Shipping Status

Please check your order’s shipping status using the tracking number that we sent via email when we ship out your order.

Sometimes your package is sent back to us by mistake by the local post office. If you have not received your package 10 days after shipping, please be proactive and contact the post office.


Main reasons for your order being sent back
1. Expired storage period (the deliverer claims to have left an absence note for the customer whereas the customer claims not to have received it)
2. The address is not correct or insufficient. (We cannot change the address once the package is shipped from our factory. Please contact the delivery company directly by yourself for any change such as address, telephone number, etc. after that.)

The cost of re-shipping puts financial pressure on our business and makes it difficult for us to continue to do international business.
We will have to ask you to pay the shipping fee again before we can resend the item.
Please help us to avoid wasting the shipping cost you paid. 


4. Cancellations because of delay

We basically do not accept cancellations because of delay. But if the delay is more significant than we have expected, please feel free to contact us if there is anything we can help you.


Thank you very much for doing business with us.

June 2023